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Usage: pirateship [options] [command]


  -h, --help                              output usage information


  bluetooth <on|off>                      switches between bluetooth hotspot mode / regular bluetooth and starts the service
  container <none|docker|balena>          enables (and start) the desired container
  default                                 sets a raspbian back to default configuration
  detectrpi                               detects the hardware version of a raspberry pi
  ethernet <ip> <mask> <gateway> <dns>    configures rpi network interface to a static ip address
  expandfs                                expands the partition of the RPI image to the maximum of the SDcard
  hotspot <ESSID> [password]              creates a mobile hotspot
  password <password>                     change the password for `pi` user
  rename <hostname>                       changes hostname
  sshkeyadd <public_key>                  add a public key to `pi` and `root` user's authorized_keys
  staticwifi <ip> <mask> <gateway> <dns>  configures rpi wifi interface to a static ip address
  version                                 returns the version of pirateship command
  wifi <ESSID> [password]                 connects to a wifi network
  wificountry <country>                   changes the wifi country
  *                                       temporary catch all

Additional Notes

wifi - ESSID is the SSID or the network name of your wireless network and password is the password 
       for the corresponding network.

rename - The hostname is a label assigned to the RPI device for identification on a network and 
         is useful for communication amongst different devices. The default hostname is raspberrypi.

ethernet and staticwifi - before using these command, I checked that my network follows the ip range from 
            to To change my ip address to, I can 
                     issue the command below given that my router is found at and 
                     that it is also a dns server. Alternatively, you can use Google's dns server, 
                     which is or  
                       > ethernet 
hotspot - requires the packages hostapd dnsmasq. Do a sudo apt install hostapd dnsmasq to install them.


npm i @pirateship/cli

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