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Using the Statuspage API, you can develop powerful and secure software solutions that enable communication with end-users. You can use it to build:

  • End-user facing applications that can be integrated with your other systems, allowing customers to access your support team and get status updates.
  • Internal applications to manage customer accounts and payments, keeping track of customer satisfaction and service levels.
  • Automated incident response systems that can be triggered to send notifications and provide updates in the event of an incident.
  • A real-time dashboard to monitor performance and reliability metrics, aggregate and analyze customer support data, and keep track of compliance.
  • Self-service applications to put the power in the hands of your customers and give them the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Custom integrations to drive effective communication and collaboration with other tools and systems.
  • Automation tools that can get updates from your Statuspage to other systems, allowing for streamlined and consistent communication.


npm i @pipedream/statuspage

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