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    Pinwheel SDK for React Native


    1. Install react-native-webview peer dependency.
    $ npm install --save react-native-webview
    $ cd ios && pod install
    1. Install Pinwheel React Native SDK
    $ npm install --save @pinwheel/react-native-pinwheel


    Link Token

    To initialize Link Modal, a short-lived link token will need to be generated first. Your server can generate the link token by sending a POST request to the /v1/link_tokens endpoint. DO NOT ever send this request from the client side and publicly expose your api_secret.

    The link token returned is valid for 15 minutes, after which it expires and can no longer be used to initialize Link. The expiration time is returned as a unix timestamp.

    Pinwheel Component

    The PinwheelLink component is a view that you can integrate into your app's flow like so:

    import PinwheelLink from "react-native-pinwheel";
      onLogin={result => { /* ... */ }}
      onError={error => { /* ... */ }}
      onSuccess={result => { /* ... */ }}
      onExit={error => { /* ... */ }}
      onEvent={(eventName, payload) => { /* ... */ }}

    With the PinwheelLink component, end-users can select their employer, authenticate with their payroll platform login credentials, and authorize the direct deposit change. Throughout the authorization process, events will be emitted to the onEvent callback and any errors (both user errors such as invalid parameters and any system errors which arise) will be emitted to the onError callback. Upon a successful login, onLogin will be called and once the full flow is complete the onSuccess callback will be called. onExit will be called when the Pinwheel modal is closed, and you should remove the PinwheelLink component from your view hierarchy.



    The link token retrieved using the create link token endpoint.

    Type Required
    string Yes


    Callback when a user successfully signs in to their payroll account.

    Type Required
    function No


    Callback whenever an error occurs during the modal flow. This does not necessarily mean that the flow cannot still complete successfully. These include such retryable events as the user inputting an incorrect password or MFA code and needs to reattempt it. Error codes can be seen here.

    Type Required
    function No


    Callback whenever a user completes a modal flow successfully. Note: This is simply a front end callback only. If a user begins a job, closes the app, and the job completes successfully this callback will not be called.

    Type Required
    function No


    Callback whenever a user exits the modal either explicitly or if an error occurred that crashed the modal. Error codes can be seen here. Will pass back an error result if the modal either crashed due to an error or if the user exited while in an error state (e.g. invalid credentials).

    Type Required
    function No


    Callback for all significant events that happen during the modal flow. See all possible event types.

    Type Required
    function No


    • Bump the version number in package.json: "version": "2.1.0",
    • Bump the version number in src/index.tsx: const version = '2.1.0';
    • npm run build
    • npm pack
    • Update the version of the tgz file in example/package.json: "@pinwheel/react-native-pinwheel": "../pinwheel-react-native-pinwheel-2.1.0.tgz"
    • Update version number in example/package.json: "version": "2.1.0"
    • npm install example
    • npx react-native start --reset-cache
    • cd ios pod install
    • Add production sandbox key for testing purposes only to example/App.js: const API_SECRET = "";
    • npm run ios
    • Remove production sandbox key when finished with testing
    • git tag -a 2.1.0 -m "Message about new version"
    • git push origin 2.1.0
    • npm publish (you will need to have set up your NPM credentials for this to work)




    npm i @pinwheel/react-native-pinwheel

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