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Pinegrow Quasar Module

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Quasar module for Pinegrow ⚡️

Pinegrow Quasar Module includes the Pinegrow Vite Plugin that enables connection and interaction between your Vite Dev-Server and Pinegrow apps (currently only Vue Designer).

Pinegrow Quasar Module provides customized visual controls, design panel for theming and other rich visual features customized for your Quasar experience.



  • 🎨  Visually live-design your Vite-powered Quasar apps
  • ⚙️  Smartly integrates into your Vite workflow in dev-mode only
  • ✨  Clean code 😃, No lock-in - You are in control of your projects and development workflow ❤️

Quick Setup

  1. Install: Add @pinegrow/quasar-module to your project
# Using npm
npm install -D @pinegrow/quasar-module

# Using pnpm
pnpm add -D @pinegrow/quasar-module
  1. Configure: Add @pinegrow/quasar-module to your Quasar vitePlugins array quasar.config.js

module.exports = configure(function (/* ctx */) {
	return {
		//... existing config
		build: {
			vitePlugins: [
						quasar: {
							/* Please ensure that you update the filenames and paths to accurately match those used in your project. */
							configPath: 'quasar.config.js',
							// themePath: false, // Set to false so that Design Panel is not used
							// restartOnConfigUpdate: true,
							restartOnThemeUpdate: true,
						//... existing config
  1. Now, open your project in your Pinegrow app (currently only Vue Designer). ✨

  2. Theme Customization (optional) - Pinegrow Quasar addon enables easy theming based on colors, fonts and background images. Theme files are saved at the location specified by the themePath option (default: [src]/themes/pg-quasar/tokens.[cjs,mjs]). To use the theme, follow the instructions in the Config Panel of your Pinegrow app (currently only Vue Designer) under @pinegrow/quasar-module package.


interface PinegrowQuasarModuleOptions {
	 * Absolute or relative path of the quasar configuration file.
	configPath: string | any

	 * Absolute or relative path of the quasar theme file.
	 * @default 'src/themes/pg-quasar/tokens.[cjs,mjs]'
	 * @default 'themes/pg-quasar/tokens.[cjs,mjs]' // Nuxt
	 * Set to false to turn off theming via Design Panel
	themePath?: string | boolean

	 * Restart on quasar config file updates
	 * @default false
	restartOnConfigUpdate?: boolean

	 * Restart on quasar theme file updates
	 * @default false
	restartOnThemeUpdate?: boolean

interface PinegrowQuasarModule {
	 * Pinegrow Quasar Module Options, added within liveDesigner in quasar config file
	quasar: PinegrowQuasarModuleOptions


MIT License

Copyright (c) Pinegrow

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