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Audited & minimal implementation of BIP32 hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets over secp256k1.

  • 🔒 Audited by an independent security firm
  • 🔻 Tree-shaking-friendly: use only what's necessary, other code won't be included
  • 📦 ESM and common.js
  • ➰ Only 3 audited dependencies by the same author: noble-curves, noble-hashes, and scure-base
  • 🪶 Only 418KB all-bundled: much smaller than similar libraries

Check out scure-bip39 if you need mnemonic phrases. See ed25519-keygen if you need SLIP-0010/BIP32 ed25519 hdkey implementation.

This library belongs to scure

scure — audited micro-libraries.


npm install @scure/bip32

This module exports a single class HDKey, which should be used like this:

import { HDKey } from "@scure/bip32";
const hdkey1 = HDKey.fromMasterSeed(seed);
const hdkey2 = HDKey.fromExtendedKey(base58key);
const hdkey3 = HDKey.fromJSON({ xpriv: string });

// props
[hdkey1.depth, hdkey1.index, hdkey1.chainCode];
console.log(hdkey2.privateKey, hdkey2.publicKey);
const sig = hdkey3.sign(hash);
hdkey3.verify(hash, sig);

Note: chainCode property is essentially a private part of a secret "master" key, it should be guarded from unauthorized access.

The full API is:

class HDKey {
  public static HARDENED_OFFSET: number;
  public static fromMasterSeed(seed: Uint8Array, versions: Versions): HDKey;
  public static fromExtendedKey(base58key: string, versions: Versions): HDKey;
  public static fromJSON(json: { xpriv: string }): HDKey;

  readonly versions: Versions;
  readonly depth: number = 0;
  readonly index: number = 0;
  readonly chainCode: Uint8Array | null = null;
  readonly parentFingerprint: number = 0;

  get fingerprint(): number;
  get identifier(): Uint8Array | undefined;
  get pubKeyHash(): Uint8Array | undefined;
  get privateKey(): Uint8Array | null;
  get publicKey(): Uint8Array | null;
  get privateExtendedKey(): string;
  get publicExtendedKey(): string;

  derive(path: string): HDKey;
  deriveChild(index: number): HDKey;
  sign(hash: Uint8Array): Uint8Array;
  verify(hash: Uint8Array, signature: Uint8Array): boolean;
  wipePrivateData(): this;

interface Versions {
  private: number;
  public: number;

The module implements bip32 standard: check it out for additional documentation.

The implementation is loosely based on cryptocoinjs/hdkey, which has MIT License.


The library has been independently audited:

The library was initially developed for js-ethereum-cryptography. At commit ae00e6d7, it was extracted to a separate package called micro-bip32. After the audit we've decided to use @scure NPM namespace for security.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2022 Patricio Palladino, Paul Miller (paulmillr.com)

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