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    plasma-utils is the set of core utilities for the Plasma Group series of projects. These utilities can be imported into other projects when necessary or convenient.


    Detailed documentation for plasma-utils is available on ReadTheDocs:


    There are several easy ways to start using plasma-utils!


    If you're developing a Node.js application, you can simply install plasma-utils via npm:

    $ npm install --save plasma-utils


    If you're developing a browser application, we provide a compressed and minified version of plasma-utils that you can include in a <script> tag.

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


    Welcome! If you're looking to contribute to plasma-utils, you're in the right place.

    Contributing Guide and CoC

    Plasma Group follows a Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct adapted slightly from the Contributor Covenant. All contributors are expected to read through this guide. We're here to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive contributing environment, and every new contributor needs to do their part to uphold our community standards.

    Requirements and Setup

    Cloning the Repo

    Before you start working on plasma-utils, you'll need to clone our GitHub repository:

    git clone

    Now, enter the repository.

    cd plasma-utils


    plasma-utils is tested and built with Node.js. Although you do not need [Node.js] to use this library in your application, you'll need to install Node.js (and it's corresponding package manager, npm) for your system before contributing.

    We've provided a detailed explanation of now to install Node.js on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    plasma-utils has been tested on the following versions of Node:

    • v8
    • v9
    • v10

    If you're having trouble getting a component of plasma-utils running, please try installing one of the above versions of Node.js and try again. It's pretty easy to switch Node.js versions using n. First, install n globally.

    npm install -g n

    Next, install your desired verson of Node.js, say v10:

    n 10


    plasma-utils makes use of several npm packages.

    Install all required packages with:

    $ npm install

    Running Tests

    plasma-utils makes use of a combination of Mocha (a testing framework) and Chai (an assertion library) for testing.

    Run all tests with:

    $ npm test


    We're using gulp to provide a process to build plasma-utils for in-browser usage.

    If you'd like to build plasma-utils yourself, simply run:

    $ npm run build


    npm i @pigi/utils

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