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Project setup

  1. Copy .env.sample to .env and fill in all the required variables. You will get an error if you don't specify all required env variables.
  2. Run yarn to install dependencies
  3. Run yarn dev:build to setup the project.

Serve local blockchain with deployed contracts

Starts a fork of harmony mainnet on http://localhost:8545 and deploys all contracts. The addresses of smart contracts should not change, unless the deploy scripts are changed.

yarn dev:serve

Running tests

yarn test:unit

If in doubt - run yarn dev:typechain


Deploy: Available networks:

  • localhost

  • harmonytestnet

  • polygontestnet

  • bsctestnet

  • fantomtestnet

  • harmonymainnet

  • polygonmainnet

  • bscmainnet

  • fantommainnet

yarn deploy:wallet-factory --network [network] --gasprice [gas price in wei]
yarn deploy:v3 --network [network] --gasprice [gas price in wei]
yarn deploy:periphery --network [network] --gasprice [gas price in wei]
yarn deploy:products --network [network] --gasprice [gas price in wei]

Post Deploy

Build NPM Package

for testnet: preid= alpha

npm version patch/minor/major [prerelease --preid=...]

To verify on explorer

yarn hardhat verify --network harmonymainnet [contract address]

Close PR!

Wallet Upgrade

  • Put all upgrades of the wallet into /contracts/wallets/ folder with naming convention SmartWallet[VERSION]
  • Inherit the latest version in the new Wallet:
contract SmartWallet[NEW_VERSION] is SmartWallet[PREVIOUS_VERSION] {...}


  • you need to DECLARE new variables - declare them
  • you need to INITIALIZE new variables - add function to initialize and call on upgrade [WORKAROUND / TO BE FIXED WITH WALLET_FACTORY UPGRADE]
  • you need to DECLARE new functions - declare them

In any case

  • SET the new version function:
function version() external pure override returns (uint256) {
   return [NEW_VERSION]
  • CREATE deployment script for NEW_VERSION in /deploy with naming convention [+increment]_deploy_v[NEW_VERSION].ts
  • UPDATE in new deployment script the deploy.tags to [NEW_VERSION] (e.g. "v2")
  • UPDATE package.json script to
deploy:v[NEW_VERSION]: ".... --tags v[NEW_VERSION]"
  • CREATE new Entry in test/otpWallet.test.ts [TODO: TO BE FIXED / NOT YET WORKING]
    name: SmartWallet[NEW_VERSION],
    version: [NEW_VERSION],
] as const;

Wallet Factory Upgrade

Product Reference Data

do this on etherscan / polygonscan / etc

Calculate percentages, then on ..scan, add. Example:

  ["0x1BFD67037B42Cf73acF2047067bd4F2C47D9BfD6", 500000000000],
  ["0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619", 200000000000],
  ["0x7DfF46370e9eA5f0Bad3C4E29711aD50062EA7A4", 100000000000],
  ["0xeCDCB5B88F8e3C15f95c720C51c71c9E2080525d", 150000000000],
  ["0xB85517b87BF64942adf3A0B9E4c71E4Bc5Caa4e5", 50000000000]


    "token": "0x1BFD67037B42Cf73acF2047067bd4F2C47D9BfD6",
    "percentage": 500000000000
    "token": "0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619",
    "percentage": 200000000000
    "token": "0x7DfF46370e9eA5f0Bad3C4E29711aD50062EA7A4",
    "percentage": 100000000000
    "token": "0xeCDCB5B88F8e3C15f95c720C51c71c9E2080525d",
    "percentage": 150000000000
    "token": "0xB85517b87BF64942adf3A0B9E4c71E4Bc5Caa4e5",
    "percentage": 50000000000

To set the Management fee (e.g. 2% per annum):

  1. Calculate hourly management Fee using wolfram alpha

    (1-x)^(24*365) = (1-0.02)
    Where 0.02 is the annual mgmt fee and x is the hourly mgmt fee
  2. Evaluate expression (e.g. 2% per year --> 2.30624246818947 10^-6)

    2.30624246818947*10^-6 => 0.000002306242468
  3. Set the management fee

    yarn hardhat --network polygontestnet product:set-product-reference-data-fees --product-name SimpleIndexProduct --management-fee-per-hour 0.000002306242468 --gasprice 5000000000


  • Do not deploy to testnet or mainnet from branch
  • Bump the version in package.json before PR close
  • At closing PR (ideally scipted via actions)
    • install with yarn --fixed lock
    • Run all tests [yarn dev:test]
    • Deploy to testnet [yarn migrate:testnet]
    • Add latest JSON to code!!!
  • After merging / PR
    • Publish new release via github
    • Update release version in lib
    • Run all the tests in lib
    • IF SUCCESSFUL IN LIB, update release verion on relayer
    • IF SUCCESSFUL IN LIB, deploy to mainnet
    • IF SUCCESSFUL IN LIB, Migrate over funds from old walletFactory address

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