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Fake Numbers

Generate fake, valid numbers. Check if a given number is valid.

Fake Numbers


The following piece of code generates a fake, valid credit card number.

  1. Use the @phuocng/fake-numbers package
import { creditCard } from '@phuocng/fake-numbers';

// Generate a fake credit card number
const creditCardNumber = creditCard.fake();

// Check if a given value is a valid credit card nunber
creditCard.check(creditCardNumber).valid;       // returns `true`
  1. Use the umd package in the browser:
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@phuocng/fake-numbers@1.0.0/umd/fake-numbers.min.js"></script>

// Fake a credit card number
const number = FakeNumbers.creditCard.fake();

// Check a credit card number
const isValid = FakeNumbers.creditCard.check('given number').valid;

Supported numbers

  • [x] 01. ABN: Australian Business Number
  • [x] 02. ACN: Australian Company Number
  • [x] 03. ALV (Arvonlisäveronumero): Finnish VAT number
  • [x] 04. ANUM: Hungarian VAT number
  • [x] 05. BIC: Business Identifier Code
  • [x] 06. BN: Canadian Business Number
  • [x] 07. BTW: Belgian VAT number
  • [x] 08. CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica): Brazilian company identifier
  • [x] 09. CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas): Brazilian identification number
  • [x] 10. Credit card number
  • [x] 11. CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures)
  • [x] 12. CVR: Danish VAT number
  • [x] 13. CVV: Card Verification Value
  • [x] 14. DDV: Slovenian VAT number
  • [x] 15. EAN: International Article Number
  • [x] 16. FPA: Greek VAT number
  • [x] 17. IBAN: International Bank Account Number
  • [x] 18. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • [x] 19. IMO: International Maritime Organization
  • [x] 20. ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • [x] 21. ISIN: International Securities Identification Number
  • [x] 22. ISMN: International Standard Music Number
  • [x] 23. ISSN: International Standard Serial Number
  • [x] 24. NIF (Numéro d'Immatriculation Fiscale): French tax identification number
  • [x] 25. NPI: National Provider Identifier
  • [x] 26. NRIC: Singaporean National Registration Identity Card
  • [x] 27. PVM: Lithuanian VAT number
  • [x] 28. RIF (Registro de Identificación Fiscal): Venezuelan VAT number
  • [x] 29. RTN: Routing Transit Number
  • [x] 30. SEDOL: Stock Exchange Daily Official List
  • [x] 31. SIN: Canadian Social Insurance Number
  • [x] 32. SIREN
  • [x] 33. SIRET (Système d’Identification du Répertoire des Établissements)
  • [x] 34. SSN: Social Security number
  • [x] 35. SVNR: Austrian social insurance number
  • [x] 36. TFN: Australian Tax File Number
  • [x] 37. TRN: South African Tax Reference Number
  • [x] 38. UID (Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer): Austrian VAT number
  • [x] 39. VIN: Vehicle Identification Number (Support US only)
  • [x] 40. VKN: Turkish tax identification number


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This project is developed by Nguyen Huu Phuoc. You might be interesting in my projects:

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