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    A React hook to effortlessly run a single shared requestAnimationFrame() for all instances of the hook used with adjustable FPS (frames per second).


    Install this package with npm.

    npm i @phntms/use-animation-frame


    Accepts first callback and second framesPerSecond:

    useAnimationFrame(callback, framesPerSecond);

    callback is required and is called on every animation frame window.

    framesPerSecond is optional and can be used to control how often callback triggers. By default callback will trigger around ~60 times per second (approximately every ~16ms), though you can change this, for example, 30 can be used to trigger callback ~30 times per second.

    Note: Any FPS can be used, although intervals cannot be faster than the requestAnimationFrame() limit.


    The callback returns deltaTime - the total time in ms since the hook last run.

    Note: Due to the nature of requestAnimationFrame() this will always likely differ in time.

    Single Shared requestAnimationFrame() Instance

    Most implementations of this hook create unique requestAnimationFrame() loops for all instances of the hook. This is fine when you only use the hook once, but if you start running multiple hooks simultaneously this can get expensive. To counteract this issue, this library only ever creates a single global loop that we 'hook' into for all instances of the hook used. As such, you haven't got to worry about the potential performance hit of using multiple instances of the hook. Additionally if used alongside custom framesPerSecond, you can get much greater performance out of your components!


    import useAnimationFrame from "@phntms/use-animation-frame";
    useAnimationFrame((deltaTime: number) => {
        `I'm called approximately every ~16ms, but I was actually triggered after ${deltaTime}ms.`
    useAnimationFrame((deltaTime: number) => {
        `I'm called approximately 30 times per second, but I was actually trigger after ${deltaTime}ms.`
    }, 30);

    🍰 Contributing

    Want to get involved, or found an issue? Please contribute using the GitHub Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a Pull Request or submit a new issue.

    Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our CODE_OF_CONDUCT, and the process for submitting pull requests to us!


    npm i @phntms/use-animation-frame

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