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    An all-in-one React library to implement custom Page Sharing Meta and Social Media Sharing Buttons.


    Designed to use and extend OpenGraph standards, including built-in support for sharing with:

    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Twitter
    • WhatsApp
    • Copy to Clipboard


    Install this package with npm.

    npm i @phntms/react-share


    Example usage in Next.js:

    import Head from 'next/head';
    import { MetaHeadEmbed } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const PageLayout: React.FC = ({children}) => {
          render={(meta: React.ReactNode) => <Head>{meta}</Head>}
          pageTitle="Our Work"
          titleTemplate="[pageTitle] | [siteTitle]"
          description="Transforming challenges of all shapes and sizes into inventive, engaging and performance driven solutions that change the game."
          keywords={["creative-agency", "phantom", "work"]}
          imageAlt="PHANTOM logo."
            cardSize: "large",
            siteUsername: "@phntmLDN",
            creatorUsername: "@phntmLDN",
    export default PageLayout;

    <MetaHeadEmbed />

    Property Type Required Notes
    render React.ReactNode Yes Unfortunately react-helmet and next/head are strict with how they accept meta tags. react-helmet doesn't support nesting. Whereas Next.JS only supports some children and not all, therefore a render function is required.
    pageTitle string No Unique page title that describes the page, such as Home, About etc. etc.
    siteTitle string Yes Title of the site, usually the organization / brand name. If pageTitle and siteTitle are the same, only this shows.
    titleTemplate string No Title template used to display pageTitle and siteTitle in a template, displays the values using corresponding [pageTitle] and [siteTitle]. Example template: "[pageTitle] | [siteTitle]".
    description string Yes A one to two sentence description of your webpage. Keep it within 160 characters, and write it to catch the user's attention.
    baseSiteUrl string Yes Base site URL, excluding trailing slash.
    pagePath string No The path of the current page, excluding leading slash.
    disableCanonical boolean No Disable canonical if not desired, defaults to false.
    keywords string|string[] No List of SEO keywords describing what your webpage does. Example, "your, tags" or ["your", "tags"].
    imageUrl string No Image url of asset to share. Recommended aspect ratio for landscape is 1.9:1 (1200x630) or for squares 1:1 (1200x1200). For more info, visit here. If a relative URL is provided, baseSiteUrl is prefixed. If specifying a relative URL do not add the leading slash.
    imageAlt string No Image alt for users who are visually impaired.
    imageWidth number No Width of share image, defaults to 1200.
    imageHeight number No Height of share image, defaults to 630.
    locale string No The locale these tags are marked up in, such as; en_GB, fr_FR and es_ES. Defaults to en_US.
    twitter TwitterEmbedProps No Optional twitter embed properties to include.

    To use simply add MetaHeadEmbed to a shared layout to get the best out of page specific properties such as pagePath.

    Note: baseSiteUrl and imageUrl must start with https://, else they won't work when sharing.


    Property Type Required Notes
    cardSize 'small'|'large' Yes Summary card size.
    title string No A concise title for the related content. If left blank, page title will be inherited instead.
    description string No A description that concisely summarizes the content as appropriate for presentation within a Tweet. Should not be the same as title. If left blank, MetaHeadEmbed description will be inherited instead.
    siteUsername string No The Twitter @username the card should be attributed to.
    creatorUsername string No The Twitter @username for the content creator / author.
    imageUrl string No Image to show in card. Images must be less than 5MB in size. Supported file types; JPG, PNG, WEBP and GIF.
    imageAlt string No Image alt for users who are visually impaired. Maximum 420 characters.

    Note: Image used should be different based on cardSize:

    • For large cards, use a 2:1 aspect ratio (300x157 px minium or 4096x4096 px maximum).
    • For small cards, use a 1:1 aspect ratio (144x144 px minium or 4096x4096 px maximum).

    A Note on Twitter Tags

    Twitter will inherit og:title, og:description and og:image tags by default, so unless you want unique fields, respective fields in TwitterEmbedProps should be left blank to avoid duplication.


    Parameter Type Required Notes
    url string Yes URL of shared webpage.
    quote string No Quote to show in Facebook card.
    hashtag string No Hashtag to show in Facebook card.

    Basic component example usage:

    import { getFacebookUrl } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const ShareToFacebook = () => (
      <a href={getFacebookUrl({ url: "" })}>
        Share to Facebook
    export default ShareToFacebook;


    Parameter Type Required Notes
    url string Yes URL of shared webpage.
    title string No Title to show in card.
    summary string No Description to show in card.
    source string No Source of the content. For example, your website or application name.

    Basic component example usage:

    import { getLinkedinUrl } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const ShareToLinkedin = () => (
      <a href={getLinkedinUrl({ url: "" })}>
        Share to Linkedin
    export default ShareToLinkedin;


    Parameter Type Required Notes
    url string Yes URL of shared webpage.
    text string No Text to show in Twitter card.
    hashtags string|string[] No Hashtags to show in Twitter card. Example, "your,tags" or ["your", "tags"].
    related string|string[] No Accounts to recommend following. Example, "your, tags" or ["your", "tags"].

    Basic component example usage:

    import { getTwitterUrl } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const ShareToTwitter = () => (
      <a href={getTwitterUrl({ url: "" })}>Share to Twitter</a>
    export default ShareToTwitter;


    Parameter Type Required Notes
    url string Yes URL of shared webpage.
    text string No Text to show in the WhatsApp message before the URL.

    Basic component example usage:

    import { getWhatsAppUrl } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const ShareToWhatsApp = () => (
      <a href={getWhatsAppUrl({ url: "" })}>
        Share to WhatsApp
    export default ShareToWhatsApp;

    Note: WhatsApp links will only work on mobile, so be sure to hide any WhatsApp links if the user is not on a mobile device!


    If you would rather have all share urls in one place, getShareUrl() can be used! It includes props from every social platform listed above, so simply pass in a SocialPlatform, and the platforms corresponding props.

    Example usage:

    import { getShareUrl, SocialPlatforms } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const Share = () => (
      <a href={getShareUrl(SocialPlatforms.Facebook, {url: "" })}>
        Share to Facebook
      <a href={getShareUrl(SocialPlatforms.Linkedin, { url: "" })}>
        Share to Linkedin
      <a href={getShareUrl(SocialPlatforms.Twitter, { url: "" })}>
        Share to Twitter
      <a href={getShareUrl(SocialPlatforms.WhatsApp, { url: "" })}>
        Share to WhatsApp
    export default Share;


    Method used to copy a given text into your clipboard.

    import { copyToClipboard } from "@phntms/react-share";
    const Copy = () => (
      <div onClick={() => copyToClipboard("")}>Copy</div>
    export default Copy;

    Further Resources

    Useful resources for testing meta properties:

    • Meta Tags - With Meta Tags you can preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.
    • Social Share Preview - Chrome browser extension to live preview how the webpage will look when shared. Especially useful for testing when app is auth protected.

    🍰 Requests and Contributing

    If a social media platform you want to use isn't already supported, or found an issue? Get involved! Please contribute using the GitHub Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a Pull Request or submit a new issue.

    Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our CODE_OF_CONDUCT, and the process for submitting pull requests to us!


    npm i @phntms/react-share

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