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🚀 Getting started

npx @phaser-plus/cli init my-awesome-game
cd my-awesome-game
npm install
npm start

🔰 Features

  • GameObjectPool - Manage the memory of your game by reusing all of the objects needed to draw your scene. @phaser-plus/core provides an API for object reuse. (example)

  • GameObject - GameObject is a subclass of Phaser.GameObjects.Container that has its own lifecycle and is useful for developing game objects that can be used with GameObjectPool. (example)

  • Feature - Feature is a class used to implement your game features in a way that allows them to be reusable in all of your games. (example)

  • HTMLFeature - HTMLFeature is a subclass of Feature used for implementing UI using HTML and CSS. (example)

  • Layer - @phaser-plus/core#Layer is a subclass of Feature. It has its own camera and container. The container of the layer is only visible to the camera of the layer. (example)

  • Scene - @phaser-plus/core#Scene extends Phaser.Scene and adds APIs for managing game features, object pool, service registry, and logger. (example)

  • Flow - Efficiently manage your game events, separate your collision logic, chain the events, and avoid using setTimeout or setInterval in your game. (example)

  • FeatureRegistry - Divide your game features into separate files and develop them independently. By following this API, you will be able to reuse the game features in all of your games. (example)

  • ServiceRegistry - Integrate any external service or API using the service registry and reuse the same instance of the service class in multiple scenes. (example)

  • LoggerFactory - LoggerFactory is a factory for creating fancy loggers. (example)


The project is licensed under MIT License

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