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    @pfx/base is a plugin with basic operations for pf, the fast and extensible command-line data (e.g. JSON) processor and transformer.

    See the pf github repository for more details!

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    👌 @pfx/base comes preinstalled in pf. No installation necessary. If you still want to install it, proceed as described below.

    @pfx/base is installed in ~/.pfrc/ as follows:

    npm install @pfx/base

    The plugin is included in ~/.pfrc/index.js as follows:

    const base = require('@pfx/base')
    module.exports = {
      plugins:  [base],
      context:  {},
      defaults: {}

    For a much more detailed description, see the .pfrc module documentation.


    This plugin comes with the following pf extensions:

    line lexer Divides data on line breaks. A lot of data formats like CSV, TSV, and JSON line build on this separation.
    map applicator Applies pf's functions to each individual line. Always returns a single result, unless an error is thrown during function application.
    flatMap applicator Applies pf's functions to each individual line. May return any number of results, including none, thus being able to change the length of a file.
    filter applicator Treats pf's functions as a conjunction of predicates and applies it to each individual line. If any predicate is false, the line is dropped, if all predicates return true, the line is kept.
    string marshaller Serializes each transformed JSON into a string separated by newlines.

    Reporting Issues

    Please report issues in the tracker!


    @pfx/base is MIT licensed.


    npm i @pfx/base

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