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    Getty Images plugin for PhotoEditor SDK

    This plugin helps to integrate Getty Images API into PhotoEditor SDK.


    You need to use your backend endpoint that provides an OAuth token for the Getty Images API.

    Getting Started

    yarn add @pesdk/getty-images


    npm install --save @pesdk/getty-images
    import { Tool, CustomButtonProps } from 'photoeditorsdk';
    const sdkConfiguration = {
      // include custom tool into tools list
      tools: [Tool.CUSTOM, Tool.TRANSFORM],
      // provide tool configuration
      [Tool.CUSTOM]: {
        // toolbar icon
        icon: React.ElementType,
        // See Toolbar component API
        toolControlBar: React.ElementType 
      custom: {
        components: {
          buttons: {
            // Export action behaviour for Getty Images usage
            // See Export button API
            mainCanvasActionExport: React.ElementType<CustomButtonProps>
        languages: {
          en: {
            customTool: {
              // toolbar title
              title: 'Getty Images',
              // ...other localization strings


    PhotoEditor SDK & Getty Images example


    Toolbar component

    Default Getty Images toolbar represents a debounced input for search and infinite images grid using:

    import { GettyImagesToolbarProps } from '@pesdk/getty-images'
    // equivalent to
    export type GettyImagesToolbarProps = {
        // public getty images api key
        apiKey: string;
        // promise that returns OAuth token
        fetchToken(): Promise<string>;
         * handle errors occurred during API call
        onError: OnError;
         * configure image search params
         * Typescript types
         * Getty API
        searchParams?: SearchImagesParams;
        // image size for editor preview, default DisplaySizeName.High = 'high_res_comp'
        displaySize?: DisplaySizeName;
    const params: GettyImagesToolbarProps = {}
    // non-react environment
    const GettyToolbar = createGettyImagesToolbar(params);
    // react environment
    const GettyToolbarAlt: React.FC<CustomToolProps> = props => {
        return (


    You can replace the toolbar using any library that you want or have in the app environment.

    To override the toolbar you must keep:

    • createAPIClient instance
    • gettyStore calls
    • handleSetImage function

    Export button

    The export button should be used to get a higher resolution and licensed image from Getty Images.

    import { GettyImagesExportButtonProps } from '@pesdk/getty-images'
    // equivalent to
    export type GettyImagesExportButtonProps = {
         * Function to be called before licensing an image
         * {function} callback to license an image
         * {GettyImage} image data object
        onConfirm: OnConfirm;
        // image size to generate final output, default ImageSize.Medium = 'medium'
        imageSize?: ImageSize;
    const params: GettyImagesExportButtonProps = {}
    // non-react environment
    const ExportButton = createGettyImagesExportButton(params);
    // react environment
    const ExportButtonAlt: React.FC<CustomButtonProps> = props => {
        return (


    You can replace the export button with a custom one.

    To override the toolbar you must keep:

    • Passing custom button props if ContainedPrimaryButton is going to be used
    • onLicenseImage function


    The plugin accepts title and placeholder string in localization object

        "custom": {
            "en": {
                "customTool": {
                    "title": "Getty Images",
                    "placeholder": "Search the world’s best images"

    PhotoEditor SDK Documentation

    Visit our docs


    Please see LICENSE for licensing details.

    Support and License

    Use our service desk for bug reports or support requests. To request a commercial license, please use the license request form on our website.


    npm i @pesdk/getty-images


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