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TypeScript library for parsing, building, serializing and debugging MIDI.

There are many JS / TS MIDI parsers online, this library is unique in that not only parses MIDI, it also allows you to construct MIDI from scratch, or alter existing MIDI, in a type-safe and strict fashion. This library will let you programatically build MIDI files and guide you along the way without allowing you to write invalid data. Almost no knowledge of the MIDI spec is required, simply install and start using the library.


Reading MIDI data

  • Get your data into an ArrayBuffer
  • Instantiate a new ReadStream with your ArrayBuffer
  • Instantiate a new File
  • Call readBytes passing in your ReadStream

Creating MIDI data

  • Instantiate a new File
  • Instantiate a new Track and push it to your files tracks
  • Instantiate any subclasses of Event you need, eg NoteOnEvent
  • Push your events to the tracks events

Writing MIDI data

  • You'll need a File either read in or created from scratch as described above
  • Instantiate a new WriteStream
  • Call writeBytes on your File passing in your WriteStream
  • You can use toArrayBuffer from the WriteStream then do whatever you need
  • toDataURL is also provided for convenience


Clone this repository and run npm install.

Run npm run dev during development to see TypeScript errors.


Run npm run test to run the entire test suite.

To run individual tests, run node node_modules/jest/bin/jest.js -i /tests/FileLibrary.test.ts -t "Reads tests\\files\\test-illegal-message-fe.mid" replacing the argument for -t with the name of the test you wish to run.


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