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    CKEditor 5 mathematical feature · GitHub license npm version

    ckeditor5-math is a TeX-based mathematical plugin for CKEditor 5. You can use it to insert, edit, and view mathematical equations and formulas. This plugin supports MathJax, KaTeX and custom typesetting engines.

    Table of contents


    • TeX syntax
    • Inline and display equations
    • Preview view
    • Multiple typesetting engines
    • Have multiple input and output format
    • Paste support
      • from plain text
    • Autoformat support



    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2


    • Use same major version as your CKEditor 5 build

    If you get duplicated modules error, you have mismatching versions.


    Link to examples repository


    Use official classic or inline build as a base:

    Install plugin with NPM or Yarn

    npm install ckeditor5-math --save-dev

    Add import into ckeditor.js file

    import Mathematics from 'ckeditor5-math/src/math';

    Add it to built-in plugins

    InlineEditor.builtinPlugins = [
    	// ...

    Add math button to toolbar

    InlineEditor.defaultConfig = {
    	toolbar: {
    		items: [
    			// ...

    Styles for Lark theme

    Copy theme/ckeditor5-math folder from to your lark theme repository

    Configuration & Usage

    Plugin options

    InlineEditor.defaultConfig = {
    	// ...
    	math: {
    		engine: 'mathjax', // or katex or function. E.g. (equation, element, display) => { ... }
    		lazyLoad: undefined, // async () => { ... }, called once before rendering first equation if engine doesn't exist. After resolving promise, plugin renders equations.
    		outputType: 'script', // or span
    		forceOutputType: false, // forces output to use outputType
    		enablePreview: true // Enable preview view

    Available typesetting engines


    • Tested with latest 2.7
    • Has experimental (CHTML, SVG) support for 3.0.0 or newer version



    • Tested with version 0.12.0


    Custom typesetting

    Custom typesetting is possible to implement with engine config. For example, custom typesetting feature can be used when use back end rendering.

    InlineEditor.defaultConfig = {
    	// ...
    	math: {
    		engine: ( equation, element, display, preview ) => {
    			// ...
    • equation is equation in TeX format without delimiters.
    • element is DOM element reserved for rendering.
    • display is boolean. Typesetting should be inline when false.
    • preview is boolean. Rendering in preview when true.

    Supported input and output formats

    Supported input and output formats are:

    <!-- MathJax style -->
    <script type="math/tex">\sqrt{\frac{a}{b}}</script>
    <script type="math/tex; mode=display">\sqrt{\frac{a}{b}}</script>
    <!-- CKEditor 4 style -->
    <span class="math-tex">\( \sqrt{\frac{a}{b}} \)</span>
    <span class="math-tex">\[ \sqrt{\frac{a}{b}} \]</span>

    Paste support

    From plain text

    Paste TeX equations with delimiters. For example:

    \[ x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a} \]


    \( x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a} \)

    Autoformat support

    Inline mode

    Ctrl+M can be used to add easily math formulas in inline mode.

    Display mode

    Autoformat for math can be used to add formula in display mode on a new line by adding \[ or $$. This feature requires additional autoformat plugin to be added.

    Add following lines into your build

    // ...
    import AutoformatMathematics from 'ckeditor5-math/src/autoformatmath';
    InlineEditor.builtinPlugins = [
    	// ...

    Preview workaround

    .ck-reset_all * css rules from ckeditor5-ui and ckeditor5-theme-lark break rendering in preview mode.

    My solution for this is use rendering element outside of CKEditor DOM and place it to right place by using absolute position. Alternative solution could be using iframe, but then typesetting engine's scripts and styles have to copy to child document.


    npm i @peergrade/ckeditor5-math

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