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    This package was created by the ckeditor5-package-generator package.

    Table of contents

    Developing the package

    To read about the CKEditor 5 framework, visit the CKEditor5 documentation.

    Available scripts

    Npm scripts are a convenient way to provide commands in a project. They are defined in the package.json file and shared with other people contributing to the project. It ensures that developers use the same command with the same options (flags).

    All the scripts can be executed by running yarn run <script>. Pre and post commands with matching names will be run for those as well.

    The following scripts are available in the package.


    Starts a HTTP server with the live-reload mechanism that allows previewing and testing plugins available in the package.

    When the server has been started, the default browser will open the developer sample. This can be disabled by passing the --no-open option to that command.

    You can also define the language that will translate the created editor by specifying the --language [LANG] option. It defaults to 'en'.


    # Starts the server and open the browser.
    yarn run start
    # Disable auto-opening the browser.
    yarn run start --no-open
    # Create the editor with the interface in German.
    yarn run start --language=de


    Allows executing unit tests for the package, specified in the tests/ directory. The command accepts the following modifiers:

    • --coverage – to create the code coverage report,
    • --watch – to observe the source files (the command does not end after executing tests),
    • --source-map – to generate source maps of sources,
    • --verbose – to print additional webpack logs.


    # Execute tests.
    yarn run test
    # Generate code coverage report after each change in the sources.
    yarn run test --coverage --test


    Runs ESLint, which analyzes the code (all *.js files) to quickly find problems.


    # Execute eslint.
    yarn run lint


    Similar to the lint task, stylelint analyzes the CSS code (*.css files in the theme/ directory) in the package.


    # Execute stylelint.
    yarn run stylelint


    Creates a DLL-compatible package build which can be loaded into an editor using DLL builds.


    # Build the DLL file that is ready to publish.
    yarn run dll:build
    # Build the DLL file and listen to changes in its sources.
    yarn run dll:build --watch


    Creates a simple HTTP server (without the live-reload mechanism) that allows verifying whether the DLL build of the package is compatible with the CKEditor 5 DLL builds.


    # Starts the HTTP server and opens the browser.
    yarn run dll:serve


    Collects translation messages (arguments of the t() function) and context files, then validates whether the provided values do not interfere with the values specified in the @ckeditor/ckeditor5-core package.

    The task may end with an error if one of the following conditions is met:

    • Found the Unused context error – entries specified in the lang/contexts.json file are not used in source files. They should be removed.
    • Found the Context is duplicated for the id error – some of the entries are duplicated. Consider removing them from the lang/contexts.json file, or rewrite them.
    • Found the Context for the message id is missing error – entries specified in source files are not described in the lang/contexts.json file. They should be added.


    yarn run translations:collect


    Download translations from the Transifex server. Depending on users' activity in the project, it creates translations files used for building the editor.

    The task requires passing the URL to Transifex API. Usually, it matches the following format:[PROJECT_SLUG].

    To avoid passing the --transifex option every time when calls the command, you can store it in package.json, next to the ckeditor5-package-tools translations:download command.


    yarn run translations:download --transifex [API URL]


    Uploads translation messages onto the Transifex server. It allows for the creation of translations into other languages by users using the Transifex platform.

    The task requires passing the URL to the Transifex API. Usually, it matches the following format:[PROJECT_SLUG].

    To avoid passing the --transifex option every time when you call the command, you can store it in package.json, next to the ckeditor5-package-tools translations:upload command.


    yarn run translations:upload --transifex [API URL]


    The @peergrade/ckeditor5-accordion package is available under MIT license.

    However, it is the default license of packages created by the ckeditor5-package-generator package and it can be changed.


    npm i @peergrade/ckeditor5-accordion

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