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    PatternFly Elements | Icon Element


    <pfe-icon icon="rh-leaf"></pfe-icon>


    There are no slots, but if you wish to display some text when JS is disabled, you can put some text inside the pfe-icon tag. For instance, when using a checkmark icon in a server status table, you may wish to display "success" if JS is disabled.

    <pfe-icon icon="rh-check-mark">success</pfe-icon>


    Name Values Description
    icon iconSet-iconName For example, rh-leaf loads a leaf icon from an icon set named "rh".
    size sm md lg xl 1x 2x 3x 4x The default size is 1em, so icon size matches text size. 2x, etc, are multiples of font size. sm, md, etc are fixed pixel-based sizes.
    color base lightest lighter darker darkest complement accent accent critical important moderate success info default The color variant to use. This draws from your theming layer to color the icon. This will set icon color or background color (if circled is true).
    circled boolean attribute Whether to draw a circular background behind the icon.

    Icon sets

    Icon sets are defined in detail in this blog post. The blog post should eventually be absorbed into the official documentation.

    Register a new icon set

    To register a new icon set, choose a global namespace for that set and identify the path at which the SVGs for that set will be hosted. Consider also the function needed to convert the icon name into the filename on that hosted location. The addIconSet call accepts the namespace (as a string), the path to the SVGs (as a string), and a function for parsing the icon name into the filename.

      function(name, iconSetName, iconSetPath) {
        var regex = new RegExp("^" + iconSetName + "-(.*)");
        var match = regex.exec(name);
        return iconSetPath + match[1] + ".svg";

    Override the default icon sets

    Out of the box, the default icon set (using the rh / web namespace) is hosted on If you would like to override the rh / web namespace, you can add the following to a global variable named PfeConfig.

    The config must be set before the PfeIcon class is defined.

    window.PfeConfig = {
      IconSets: [
          name: "web",
          path: "path/to/svg/directory", // Or,
          resolveIconName: function(name, iconSetName, iconSetPath) { // Optional function to resolve icon paths.
            var regex = new RegExp("^" + iconSetName + "-(.*)");
            var match = regex.exec(name);
            return iconSetPath + match[1] + ".svg";

    Now when pfe-icon is used, it will automatically reference the icon set defined in the config.

    If you would like to opt out of any defaults so that you can dynamically add icon sets later using PfeIcon.addIconSet(), use the following:

    window.PfeConfig = {
      IconSets: []

    Updating an existing icon set

    To updating an existing icon set, you use the same addIconSet function. The first input which is the icon set namespace is required, as is the new path. You can optionally pass in a new function for parsing the icon names into filenames.

        PfeIcon.addIconSet("local", "");


    There are several powerful ways to hook into and override default styles.

    • Color: the color attribute is available to pull icon color from your theming layer. For more fine-grained control, --pfe-icon--color is available to override the color of a specific icon or sets of icons and will be applied to the SVG. Examples
    • Background color: the color attribute is available to pull background color from your theming layer. For more fine-grained control, --pfe-icon--BackgroundColor is available to override the background color of a specific icon or sets of icons. Be sure to set --pfe-icon--context to the appropriate context if you are setting the background-color or use the more fine-grained --pfe-icon--color to set a specific color on the SVG lines.
    Theme hook Description Default
    --pfe-icon--size The height and width of the icon var(--pfe-theme--icon-size, 1em)
    --pfe-icon--spacing var(--pfe-theme--container-spacer, 1rem)
    --pfe-icon--Padding Padding around the icon 0 (when circled .5em)
    --pfe-icon--BackgroundColor Background color for when the icon is circled transparent
    --pfe-icon--context Icon context when --pfe-icon--BackgroundColor is used light
    --pfe-icon--BorderColor Border color when icon is circled var(--pfe-icon--BackgroundColor, transparent)
    --pfe-icon--BorderWidth Thickness of the border when circled var(--pfe-theme--ui--border-width, 1px)
    --pfe-icon--color Sets the color of the SVG lines var(--pfe-icon--Color, var(--pfe-broadcasted--text, #3c3f42))
    --pfe-icon--Color Deprecated var(--pfe-broadcasted--text, #3c3f42)


    npm test


    npm run build


    From the PFElements root directory, run:

    npm start

    Code style

    All PFElements use Prettier to auto-format JS and JSON. The style rules get applied when you commit a change. If you choose to, you can integrate your editor with Prettier to have the style rules applied on every save.


    npm i @patternfly/pfe-icon

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