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    An abstract class implementing Passport's strategy API.


    $ npm install passport-strategy


    This module exports an abstract Strategy class that is intended to be subclassed when implementing concrete authentication strategies. Once implemented, such strategies can be used by applications that utilize Passport middleware for authentication.

    Subclass Strategy

    Create a new CustomStrategy constructor which inherits from Strategy:

    var util = require('util')
      , Strategy = require('passport-strategy');
    function CustomStrategy(...) {;
    util.inherits(CustomStrategy, Strategy);

    Implement Authentication

    Implement autheticate(), performing the necessary operations required by the authentication scheme or protocol being implemented.

    CustomStrategy.prototype.authenticate = function(req, options) {
      // TODO: authenticate request

    Augmented Methods

    The Strategy.authenticate method is called on an instance of this Strategy that's augmented with the following action functions.
    These action functions are bound via closure the the request/response pair.
    The end goal of the strategy is to invoke one of these action methods, in order to indicate successful or failed authentication, redirect to a third-party identity provider, etc.

    strategy.success(user, info)

    Authenticate user, with optional info.

    Strategies should call this function to successfully authenticate a user. user should be an object supplied by the application after it has been given an opportunity to verify credentials. info is an optional argument containing additional user information. This is useful for third-party authentication strategies to pass profile details.

    Kind: instance method of Strategy
    Api: public

    Param Type
    user Object
    info Object, status)

    Fail authentication, with optional challenge and status, defaulting to 401.

    Strategies should call this function to fail an authentication attempt.

    Kind: instance method of Strategy
    Api: public

    Param Type
    challenge String
    status Number
    strategy.redirect(url, status)

    Redirect to url with optional status, defaulting to 302.

    Strategies should call this function to redirect the user (via their user agent) to a third-party website for authentication.

    Kind: instance method of Strategy
    Api: public

    Param Type
    url String
    status Number

    Pass without making a success or fail decision.

    Under most circumstances, Strategies should not need to call this function. It exists primarily to allow previous authentication state to be restored, for example from an HTTP session.

    Kind: instance method of Strategy
    Api: public


    Internal error while performing authentication.

    Strategies should call this function when an internal error occurs during the process of performing authentication; for example, if the user directory is not available.

    Kind: instance method of Strategy
    Api: public

    Param Type
    err Error

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    $ npm install
    $ npm test


    npm i @passport-next/passport-strategy

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