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Word search Puzzle Maker

Javascript library/function that will create a SQUARE word search puzzle.

Note: This code is from many years ago and just being added to npm and the related Github repository as a way to establish a growing, improved code base.

This is a backend NPM Package, using it requires running code using Node.Js (example/instructions at the end of this document)

Note: This library is configured for use as a backend Node.js function to be used server side. I will likely be creating a frontend library/module function in the future.

Note: Currently implemented cleanup and module javascript for use as a frontend function - More to do, check back soon.

# npm install

npm install @pasciaks/lostwords-org-library
// Simple Javascript usage

const { createManyPuzzles } = require("@pasciaks/lostwords-org-library");

let result = createManyPuzzles(1);

console.log("Puzzles:", result);

console.log("Puzzles Created:", result.length);
// Runkit usage example

let lwl = require("@pasciaks/lostwords-org-library");

// Configurable options for creating a word find with your words, etc.

let lwl = require("@pasciaks/lostwords-org-library");

// Use local variables to hold configured settings

// Number of rows and columns to build puzzle grid, for example 8
let global_squarePuzzleSize = 8;

// Number of bends in the words for hiding them.

// For example 0 (straight line hides)
// For example 2 (max of 2 bends)
// For example 999 (only 90 degree bends)
let global_p_bends = 0;

// Allow Diagonals - "yes" | "no"
let global_diagonals = "yes";

// Option for word hint generation.

// [A]ny, Randomly chooses one of the following
// [R]eversed,
// [S]crambled,
// [N]o Vowels,
// [F]irst Letter and blanks
// [D]efault shows the word;
let global_wordlistoption = "A";

// String title of the puzzle.
let global_title_name = "Title";

// Letter use/hide option - "U" | ""

// Using a "U" here means don't duplicate use of letters
let global_clueoption = "U";

// Fill in remaining letters of grid with selection given.

// "" - Use random letters from english alphabet in upper case
// "[WORDLETTERS]" - Use random letters from any letters from words hidden
// "1234ADFB" - Use random letters from provided list of letters
let global_blanks = "";

// Comma separated string of words to hide, upper case, no spaces

// String for post_msg title
let global_post_msg = "Puzzle Solved";

// String for pre_msg title
let global_pre_msg = "Good Luck";

// Set the settings

lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_squarePuzzleSize", global_squarePuzzleSize);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_p_bends", global_p_bends);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_diagonals", global_diagonals);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_wordlistoption", global_wordlistoption);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_title_name", global_title_name);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_clueoption", global_clueoption);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_blanks", global_blanks);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_p_words", global_p_words);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_post_msg", global_post_msg);
lwl.setGlobalOptionValue("global_pre_msg", global_pre_msg);

// Create the puzzle data by running the library

let result = lwl.createManyPuzzles(1);

The p_data value holds the letters.

These letters can be used to create a square grid.

u c d y e d r n e t s e u t
y t x s r e e e t o e m m d
i r l d a r d o d t y t o n
r d h t r i j h d k S e t d
g s n h s a m p e D h h y y
e o a o t o n h i R a r n s
o k o i i w f m m W O t g h
a r d e t h n r y f u s g r
a e l d s t w r i n a i h t
e d h o r f l a a r t a t w
e w a i s y l l s n o T h a
l t s a t r m h L r S e a h
d n a r e o t r n O u l t s
r s o f n a e a h e o n o n

Puzzles: [
    creator_id: 1,
    id: 1692831655194,
    creation_datetime: 1692831655194,
    title: 'Untitled Puzzle',
    p_pre_msg: 'Good Luck',
    p_post_msg: 'Puzzle Solved',
    p_rows: 14,
    p_cols: 14,
    p_bends: 9,
    p_words: [ 'LOST', 'WORDS' ],
    p_locations: [ '9,12,10,13,11,12,12,11', '10,7,11,7,10,6,10,5,11,4' ],
    p_failed: false,
    p_clues: [ 'r_TSOL', 'r_SDROW' ],
    p_wordoptions: 'B',
    p_clueoptions: 'U'

-------------------------------- -------------------------------- QUICK-START - EXAMPLE USAGE -------------------------------- --------------------------------

NOTE: To use this code, generally, follow these instructions.

  • Create a folder/directory on your computer.

  • Open that directory in the bash terminal/command line.

  • Inside the terminal/command line, execute the following:

npm install @pasciaks/lostwords-org-library
  • Create a file in the same directory ( example.js )

  • Add the following code to the example.js file you created.

const { createManyPuzzles } = require("@pasciaks/lostwords-org-library");

let result = createManyPuzzles(1);

console.log("Puzzles:", result);

console.log("Puzzles Created:", result.length);
  • Save the .js file and run this example by executing the following in the same terminal.
node example.js

Additional links and examples for reference:

This website demonstrates use of the library. Demo Website.

This website demonstrates a revised word hiding algorithm. Word Hiding Example.

This website implements a full featured game using the library. Lostwords.org.

Contribute and support this effort by donating to my cause. Contribute/Support.

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