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    Device OS Flashing Utility

    device-os-flash is a tool that simplifies flashing of Particle devices. It can flash official Device OS releases, as well as user-provided module binaries – via DFU or a debugger.

    Current Status

    This tool is experimental. Use it at your own risk.


    Install with npm globally:

    npm install --global @particle/device-os-flash-util


    • OpenOCD. It is recommended to use the version of OpenOCD that is bundled with Workbench.
    • dfu-util. Installing the latest version available via your package manager should be sufficient.
    • Node.js 12 or higher.

    Supported Debuggers:

    Getting Started

    The examples below cover most of the use case scenarios. For the full list of available options, see the tool's help:

    device-os-flash -h

    Flashing all detected devices with Device OS 1.5.0 via DFU:

    device-os-flash --all-devices 1.5.0

    device-os-flash automatically downloads release binaries from GitHub. If you are experiencing rate limiting errors, set your GitHub access token via the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

    Same as above, but do not flash Tinker:

    device-os-flash --all-devices --no-user 1.5.0

    Flashing a user application to all detected devices:

    device-os-flash --all-devices my_app.bin

    Flashing specific devices:

    device-os-flash -d my_boron -d my_electon 1.5.0

    Resolving device names requires a valid Particle API token. If you are signed in via the Particle CLI, device-os-flash will use the token from the CLI's configuration file. Alternatively, the token can be specified via the PARTICLE_TOKEN environment variable.

    Flashing all detected devices via OpenOCD:

    device-os-flash --all-devices --openocd 1.5.0




    npm i @particle/device-os-flash-util

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