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Parse Platform

@parse/react-native (alpha)

An experimental package that provides you easy, real-time, offline-first interaction with the powerful Parse Server backend from your React Native applications.

NPM Version

Getting Started

First, install the parse and @parse/react-native npm modules into your React Native application.

npm install parse @parse/react-native --save

In your App.js file, import and initialize Parse:

import { initializeParse } from '@parse/react-native';


Now you are ready to use a Parse Query:

import React from 'react';
import { Button, Text, View } from 'react-native';
import Parse from 'parse/react-native.js';
import { useParseQuery } from '@parse/react-native';

const SomeComponent = () => {
  const parseQuery = new Parse.Query('SomeClass');

  const {
    isLive, // Indicates that Parse Live Query is connected
    isLoading, // Indicates that the initial load is being processed
    isSyncing, // Indicates that the library is getting the latest data from Parse Server
    results, // Stores the current results in an array of Parse Objects
    count, // Stores the current results count
    error, // Stores any error
    reload // Function that can be used to reload the data
  } = useParseQuery(
    parseQuery, // The Parse Query to be used
      enabled: true, // Enables the parse query (default: true)
      enableLocalDatastore: true, // Enables cache in local datastore (default: true)
      enableLiveQuery: true // Enables live query for real-time update (default: true)

  return (
      {isLoading && (
      {isLive && (
      {isSyncing && (
      {results && (
          {results.map(result => (
              <Text key={result.id}>
      {error && (

export default SomeComponent;

Learning More

This package aims to provide easier access to a Parse Server backend when developing React Native applications. It was built on top of the official Parse JS SDK. These two libraries should be used together and you can refer to the sdk documentation in order to learn more about Parse Objects, Parse Queries, and more:


See a Todo List Example.



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