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Official Push adapter for parse-server

See parse-server push configuration

Silent Notifications

If you have migrated from and you are seeing situations where silent (newsstand-like presentless) notifications are failing to deliver please ensure that your payload is setting the content-available attribute to Int(1) and not "1" This value will be explicitly checked.

see more logs

You can enable verbose logging with environment variables:




This will produce a more verbose output for all the push sending attempts

Using a custom version on parse-server

Install the push adapter

npm install --save @parse/push-adapter@VERSION

Replace VERSION with the version you want to install.

Configure parse-server

const PushAdapter = require('@parse/push-adapter').default;
const pushOptions = {
  ios: { /* iOS push options */ } ,
  android: { /* android push options */ }   
// starting 3.0.0
const options = {
  appId: "****",
  masterKey: "****",
  push: {
    adapter: new PushAdapter(pushOptions),
  /* ... */ 
const server = new ParseServer(options);
/* continue with the initialization of parse-server */