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    To view a copy of my resume in its most pristine state simply...

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    $ npm install @paperelectron/resume
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    $ npm install -g @paperelectron/resume


    By default the resume file will be served on localhost:8080, you can pass in an optional port with jimtotheb --port [port] if 8080 doesn't suit you.

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    $ jimtotheb --port 8000

    For the impatient, here it is conveniently rendered with Github flavored markdown.

    Jim Bulkowski


    Lawrenceville, GA, 30043

    tel: <redacted>


    Software developer/Software project manager


    Professional experience

    Software Developer - Paper Electron LLC. Atlanta GA

    June 2012 - Present
    • Currently developing open source libraries and frameworks, primarily to support SaaS and PaaS implementations.
    • Consulting and custom implementations with a focus on highly concurrent, scalable systems and improving build, test and deploy pipelines.
    • Major ongoing projects include: Sundry - A caching, dynamically configurable reverse proxy. Magnum DI - A key value dependency injection framework for NodeJs and Pomegranate - a drop in application framework written in NodeJs

    Lead Architect - MVP Innovation. Atlanta GA

    August 2014 - March 2015
    • Designed and implemented a 500+ endpoint REST api, interacting with 3 different datasources.
    • Designed and implemented a 80k loc front end application in AngularJS, packaged with Browserify.
    • Maintained Jenkins CI server, running nearly 5000 ad hoc tests on every commit from a team of 4.
    • Implemented and managed a SaaS platform comprised of a centralized router, credential arbitrator, service manager and docker container manager.
    • Managed 3 bare metal servers running ESXi, comprising 15+ virtual machines configured with Ansible.

    Development/Operations Lead, Monstercraft. Daytona Beach FL

    January 2011 - June 2012
    • Oversaw a massive baremetal JVM deployment, averaging 10TB/month network traffic, and 99%+ uptime.
    • Managed a 100% remote development team, producing several Java plugins for the Bukkit server platform.
    • Managed and developed web infrastructure in PHP, including integrated user signup, payment and management.

    Project Manager, R&R Industries. Daytona Beach FL

    November 2007 - January 2011
    • Really really good thing.
    • Some other good thing.
    • An even awesomer thing.


    Javascript Go Python Java PHP Lua Ruby Bash/ZSH


    NodeJs Express AngularJS React Spring Flask Laravel RoR


    Esxi Docker Ansible CouchDB PostgreSQL Redis RabbitMQ Unix




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