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PostCSS CLI with advanced watcher

Git repository



csspack can be installed as a global command line tool and as a project dependency.

Command line tool (global install)

$ npm install --global @pandell/csspack
# OR via yarn
$ yarn global add @pandell/csspack

Project dependency

In most cases, csspack should be saved to "devDependencies", as it will not be used by production code.

$ npm install --save-dev @pandell/csspack
# OR via yarn
$ yarn add --dev @pandell/csspack

If you are using typescript, type definitions will be automatically provided.




  1. Clone git repository

  2. npm install/yarn install (will install dependencies)

  3. npm start/yarn start (will start a file system watcher that will compile TypeScript sources and run unit tests when files change)

  4. Make changes, don't forget to add tests, submit a pull request.


MIT © Pandell Technology