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A core library toolbox for easy back/front-end integration.

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This library contains a collection of methods, types, and constants relevant to p0tion's core workflow which are totally reusable and extensible when integrating into a backend or frontend.

To integrate these features, you only need to install the package and import methods, types, or constants according to your own requirements. If you wish to extend one or more features, you can create them on top of these. To further extend the package, you can fork the project and/or submit a PR containing the updates.

🛠 Installation

NPM or Yarn

Install the @p0tion/actions package with npm

npm i @p0tion/actions

or yarn

yarn add @p0tion/actions

📜 Usage

Local Development


  • Node.js version 16.0 or higher.
  • Yarn version 3.5.0 or higher.

Copy the .env.default file as .env:

cp .env.default .env

And add your environment variables.

⚠️ Your environment variables must match the corresponding properties values inside the .env file of the phase2cli package ⚠️

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