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builder archetype for the ovos play ecosystem


This archetype for builder initializes a new project with an

  • express server
  • /graphql endpoint
  • /graphiql interface in development mode
  • barebones react + react-dom for views in client side


# first install builder-init globally
npm i -g builder-init

# then tell builder-init to init the builder-ope-archetype
# for this to work, you have to be a member of the ovos-media org on npm
# contact pn@ovos.at or kg@ovos.at
builder-init @ovos-media/builder-ope-archetype

# answer all the questions and then cd into the project directory
cd projectDirectory

# install dependencies
npm i

# run the application in dev mode (HMR, source maps, debugging...)
builder run start:dev

# in order for testing to work, you'll have to install jest and karma-cli globally
npm i -g jest karma-cli

# you can then run tests just with
builder run test-all


It assumes the following directory structure for it's scripts to work:

- projectName
  - src
    - client
      - __tests__
        - entry.js
      - entry.js
    - server
      - entry.js

Feel free to exchange packages where you see fit.

It supports client-side HMR out of the box so there's no need to configure any additional stuff.



For client side testing the karma test runner is used and includes the chai testing framework with a mocha style reporter.

If you want to use jest + jasmine however, you can create a new jest config for your project and use this configuration then with a custom npm command.


For server side testing jest is used which includes jasmine by default.

The reason we're not using karma/chai here is that karma does run tests in a browser (which doesn't include nodejs stuff) and jest includes jasmine.

You may however use chai asserts/expects/shoulds in your server side test by importing the chai framework and using it like this:

import chai from 'chai';

describe('calc', () => {
  it('works', () => {
    chai.expect(1 + 1).to.equal(2);

Code Coverage

Code coverage will automatically be generated via istanbul for both client and server scripts.

It will only be generated for single-runs and not in watch mode.

Code coverage reports are structured like this:

- projectName
  - coverage
    - client
      - [browserName]
        - index.html
    - server
      - lcov-report
        - index.html

If additional reports are needed for CI we can easily add them to this archetype.


$ builder run start:dev # starts the dev version of the application (HMR, sourcemaps, ...)

$ builder run test-client # runs client tests using karma & runs tests in chrome
$ builder run test-server # runs server tests using jest
$ builder run test-all # runs client & server tests concurrently

$ builder run test-client:watch # watch mode for client tests
$ builder run test-server:watch # watch mode for server tests
$ builder run test-all:watch # watch mode for client & server tests




npm i @ovos-media/builder-ope-archetype

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