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Overlook framework utility to traverse router tree

Part of the Overlook framework.


traverse( route, fn )

Traverses routes tree, calling fn() with each route in the tree.

Traversal order is depth first.

const Route = require('@overlook/route');
const { traverse } = require('@overlook/util-traverse');

const root = new Route( { name: 'root' } );
const child1 = new Route( { name: 'child1' } );
const child2 = new Route( { name: 'child2' } );
const childOfChild1 = new Route( { name: 'childOfChild1' } );
root.attachChild( child1 );
root.attachChild( child2 );
child1.attachChild( childOfChild1 );

traverse( root, route => console.log( route.name ) );
// Logs 'root', 'child1', 'childOfChild1', 'child2'

traverseChildren( route, fn )

Same as traverse() except does not call fn() on the starting route, only children and nested children.

traverseAsync( route, fn )

Async version of traverse(). Returns a promise.

fn() should return a promise.

Siblings will be visited in parallel.

The promise returned from fn() for each route will be awaited before calling fn() on its children.

traverseChildrenAsync( route, fn )

Same as traverseAsync() except does not call fn() on the starting route, only children and nested children.


This module follows semver. Breaking changes will only be made in major version updates.

All active NodeJS release lines are supported (v10+ at time of writing). After a release line of NodeJS reaches end of life according to Node's LTS schedule, support for that version of Node may be dropped at any time, and this will not be considered a breaking change. Dropping support for a Node version will be made in a minor version update (e.g. 1.2.0 to 1.3.0). If you are using a Node version which is approaching end of life, pin your dependency of this module to patch updates only using tilde (~) e.g. ~1.2.3 to avoid breakages.


Use npm test to run the tests. Use npm run cover to check coverage.


See changelog.md


If you discover a bug, please raise an issue on Github. https://github.com/overlookjs/util-traverse/issues


Pull requests are very welcome. Please:

  • ensure all tests pass before submitting PR
  • add tests for new features
  • document new functionality/API additions in README
  • do not add an entry to Changelog (Changelog is created when cutting releases)



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