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    Command line tool to request secrets (logins, credit cards, notes…) from iOS devices running Secrets 3.4.0+.

    Connections between this tool and the device are end-to-end encrypted.


    Via NPM:

    npm install @outercorner/secrets-remote -g


    Before being able to retrieve secrets from your device you must pair with it first. Pairing will exchange the keys necessary to encrypt all your requests and is done by reading a QR Code.

    To that extent, the secrets command provides two subcommands: device and request.

    The device subcommand manages paired devices, including adding and removing devices. The request command performs actual requests to your paired devices.

    Pair a device

    To pair a device run:

    secrets device pair

    This will display a QR code in your terminal which you should scan using your device's camera.

    Use secrets device --help to lear how to manage your paired devices.

    Requesting secrets

    The simplest form to request a secret is:

    secrets request github

    This simply requests a secret for a given search string ("github") in this case.

    But it can be much more specific.

    secrets request github -u -t login:otp -d "Paulo's iPhone"

    The above command specifically requests the one-time password for the github login and from the "Paulo's iPhone" device. Passing the -u option allows Secret to validate that the item return is in fact associated with that URL.


    npm i @outercorner/secrets-remote

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