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You can install this module from npm:

$> npm install @otris/jsdoc-tsd


To use this module, simply specify this project as the template for your jsdoc output. To use this template from the command line, run

$> jsdoc -t node_modules/@otris/jsdoc-tsd -r .

You can also add this template to your JSON configuration file:

    "opts": {
        "template": "./node_modules/@otris/jsdoc-tsd"

Output directory / file

To determine the output directory and / or the output file name you can pass the path or the file name to the cmd call as follow:

$> jsdoc -d <target-dir>/<filename>.d.ts

Important: If you want to change the file name of the result file your path has to end with the file ending d.ts


  • ignoreScopes Array with scope names which should not be parsed. Possible values
  • latestVersion If this option is passed, the since tag will be evaluated. Only elements which has the same or a smaller version will be emitted
  • versionComparator String representation of a function to determine if an element should be emitted or not. This function can be used if the version informations for the @since annotation is not a valid semantic versioning tag. If the function is set and the @since tag is a valid semver tag, the comparator function will be used anyway.
    The function has to have the following signature:
 * Determines if the tagged version is less or equal the latest version
 * @param {string} taggedVersion The value of the @since tag
 * @param {string} [latestVersion] The configured value, if passed
 * @returns {boolean} true, if the item should be emitted, otherwise false
function versionComparator(taggedVersion, latestVersion) {


Alternatively you can pass a path to a javascript file which exports the comparator function like

module.exports = function(taggedVersion, latestVersion) {
    // do what you need to
  • ignoreSinceTag [=false] Indicates wether to skip since tag check or not
  • logItemsSkippedBySince [=true] Logs every item which is ignored by the since tag
  • skipUndocumented [=true] Ignores undocumented items

Supported Tags

  • @enum
  • @function (implicitly)
  • @callback
  • @method
  • @memberof
  • @namespace
  • @typedef
  • @class
  • @classdesc
  • @member
  • @ignore
  • @interface
  • @since
  • @module (function and variable declarations)
  • @private (not completed yet)
  • @const / @constant
  • @this
  • @hideconstructor
  • @extends

Supported typscript tags

  • @template Note: You can write here any value you want, there will be no validation

Ignored Tags

  • @file


This jsdoc template was developed for my needs. There will be some updates in the future, but I don't know when.

Pull requests are welcome. But please test your changes.

This project is inspired by jsdoc2tsd




npm i @otris/jsdoc-tsd

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