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An internal UI kit library that is opinionated. Primary focus is to solve UI duplications and provide a unified and cross product UX, UI and accessibility.

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📦 Installation

$ npm install @orfium/ictinus
$ yarn add @orfium/ictinus

Please note that react >= 16.0.0 and react-dom >= 16.0.0 are peer dependencies. Also that emotion 11 is being used and that will not work in older emotion projects.

if you want the next version you can always use the next tag. Remember: this is a release candidate, we encourage you to lock version on installation to avoid any changes

$ yarn add @orfium/ictinus@next

🔨 Usage

  1. Start by wrapping your App with ictinus ThemeProvider component like below
import { ThemeProvider } from '@orfium/ictinus';

const App = () => (
  1. That's it, now you are ready to go.
import { Select, Button } from '@orfium/ictinus';

✨ Extra

Theme usage

Now you can can have access to the library's theme config by using the hook provided

import { useTheme } from '@orfium/ictinus';

const theme = useTheme();

Theme config

You can apply your own branded colours for each product at the definition of the ThemeProvider. This way you can have access everywhere.


Emotion Project - Merge theme configs from different providers

If you are already using emotion and you have defined a different provider you still have to define Ictinus ThemeProvider as well. You must put the theme config example at the top of the providers and yours afterwards.

Then you must use the below function to create a new theme config for the second provider

export const defaultTheme = (ancestorTheme: IctinusTheme) => ({

The final outcome will look like this.

  <ThemeProvider theme={defaultTheme}>

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