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    This project contains core modules for ords-core

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    Using this module

    This module exists on npm. To use it run:

    npm install @ords/modules --save
    typings install npm:@ords/modules --save

    Contents of the module

    This contains mutliple modules for each proposal set by ORDS, this also include example maps!

    Global dependencies

    • nodejs
    • typescript
    • typings
    • mocha

    Getting started

    Initially install dependencies by running:

    npm run build-env

    Whenever you have made changes you can run the following command

    npm run build-depoly


    In order to test the project you can now run:

    npm test

    To clean the project do:

    npm run clean


    Modules can be created seperatly from this core project. These core modules in thie repo implements proposals from the proposals directory in ords-core. Essentially all kinds of modules can be created, but modules following the proposals will be more interopable. Below are some general rules of code:

    • Use camleCase instead of underscore
    • Document your code with comments
    • Write at least unit tests
    • Follow established directory structure

    Ideas for naming to and directory structure to keep consistensy modules/:type/:type.:custom.ts where type is the type of module and custom can be everything. A mongodb db will be modules/database/database.mongo.ts with the class name being DatabaseMongo.


    We use schemantic versioning. Do no introduce backwards compatible breakable code without upgrading the software version to a major release.


    npm i @ords/modules

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