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    customization description repository
    toggle institutions allows the list of summit borrowing institutions to be collapsed & expanded primo-explore-toggle-institutions


    see the releases page for the repository to download this file can be uploaded to the Primo Back Office customization manager.


    you'll need the latest versions of docker and docker-compose.

    the development environment has two parts:

    • the central package code, located in src
    • a generic view package called ALLIANCE, located in test

    here's how to use them:

    1. start a development server with npm start.
    2. results will be visible at http://localhost:8003/primo-explore/search?vid=ALLIANCE
    3. you can edit the code in the src folder to change the central package and the dev environment will automatically generate src/js/custom.js.
    4. if you install customization packages using npm, they will automatically be added to src/js/custom.js.
    5. to test inheritance, you can also edit the code in the test/ALLIANCE folder as if you were developing that view. it will automatically refresh.
    6. when finished, you can use ctrl+c to quit the dev environment and docker will clean up the container.


    when you're finished making changes:

    1. run npm run create-package and choose CENTRAL_PACKAGE at the prompt.
    2. a file will appear in dist (likely overwriting the previous one).
    3. consider bumping the version number using npm version.
    4. if you cut a new release, consider uploading the file as a build artifact of the github release.


    npm i @orbis-cascade/oca-central-package

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