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    customization description repository
    toggle institutions allows the list of summit borrowing institutions to be collapsed & expanded primo-explore-toggle-institutions
    <!-- custom resource icons adds a set of resource icons from the noun project to search results


    see the releases page for the repository to download CENTRAL_PACKAGE.zip. this file can be uploaded to the Primo Back Office customization manager.


    you'll need the latest versions of docker and docker-compose.

    the development environment has two parts:

    • the central package code, located in src
    • a generic view package called ALLIANCE, located in test

    here's how to use them:

    1. start a development server with npm start.
    2. results will be visible at http://localhost:8003/primo-explore/search?vid=ALLIANCE
    3. you can edit the code in the src folder to change the central package and the dev environment will automatically generate src/js/custom.js.
    4. if you install customization packages using npm, they will automatically be added to src/js/custom.js.
    5. to test inheritance, you can also edit the code in the test/ALLIANCE folder as if you were developing that view. it will automatically refresh.
    6. when finished, you can use ctrl+c to quit the dev environment and docker will clean up the container.


    when you're finished making changes:

    1. run npm run create-package and choose CENTRAL_PACKAGE at the prompt.
    2. a CENTRAL_PACKAGE.zip file will appear in dist (likely overwriting the previous one).
    3. consider bumping the version number using npm version.
    4. if you cut a new release, consider uploading the CENTRAL_PACKAGE.zip file as a build artifact of the github release.


    npm i @orbis-cascade/oca-central-package

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