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ListItems component renders a custom element or by default a string m/n with the navigation icons 'previous' and 'next' to list items from the list.



npm install @opuscapita/react-list-items


  • Run npm install to get the project's dependencies
  • Run npm run build to produce minified version of the library
  • Run npm run dev to produce development version of the library.
  • Run npm run test to run tests
  • Run npm run docs to run generate examples

Development workflow

  • Run npm run docs

  • Open docs/index.html


  • Run npm run hot

  • Open http://localhost:5555/


  • Make a new branch for the changes
  • Update file
  • Commit changes (not lib)
  • Make a pull request
  • Merge the pull request and delete the development branch

Creating a new release

  • Run npm version [major|minor|patch] Info
  • Run npm publish