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    Create Trello Power-Ups from your Command Line

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    This package enables you to easily create Trello Power-Ups from the Command Line (CLI).

    Start building your Power-Up by running npx @optro/create-trello-powerup.

    Used this package before? Run npx @optro/create-trello-powerup@latest to use the latest version.


    This Power-Up Generator enables you to build Trello Power-Ups with ease and will quickly generate a project with everything you need, including:

    • A Power-Up written with TypeScript, with a React front-end
    • Integrated Monetization with Optro via Optro Vendor
    • Single command development mode for fast local development with ngrok using yarn watch
    • Automatic refresh of the React front-end following local changes
    • Build a static website from the source with yarn build
    • Run a simple node.js server for hosting yarn build && yarn start
    • A Dockerfile for running with Docker

    Check the Readme of the generated project for help getting started with the project.


    You need to have the following dependencies installed on your system prior to using the CLI:

    • Node.js ≥12
    • Git


    For an in-depth walkthrough you can follow our step-by-step guide.

    The Power-Up Generator can be started with a single command provided you have Node.js and Git installed.

    Once you have started The Generator, the on-screen instructions will guide you through the creation of a Power-Up to determine which capabilities you would like enabled.

    $ npx @optro/create-trello-powerup
    │ Create Trello Power-Up � │                          
    Generate a new Trello Power-Up in minutes.            
    Find more information in our step-by-step guide:      
    ? 1. What is the Power-Up Name? (my-powerup) 
    > My Example Power-Up
    ? 2. What Capabilities should be enabled? (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
    >( ) Attachment Section
     ( ) Attachment Thumbnail
     ( ) Authorization Status
     (*) Board Button
     (*) Card Back Section
     (*) Card Badges
     - Card Button (Mandatory)
    (Move up and down to reveal more choices)
    ? 3. Confirm Power-Up generation? (Y/n)
    [1/4] Cloning Template...
    Cloning into 'C:\Development\my-example-power-up'...
    [2/4] Deleting Unused Resources...
    [3/4] Configuring Dynamic Files...
    [4/4] Installing Dependencies...
    │ Finished building Power-Up! │
    ? Start the Power-Up in Development Mode (yarn watch)? (Y/n)

    How does it work?

    This package uses git to clone the template project @optro-cloud/trello-powerup-full-sample and then rewrites the required files according to the specification provided. Check out the template repository for more information, or for an exhaustive example.

    Would you like to make money from your Power-Up?

    Power-Up monetization is powered by Optro Vendor, and can be activated during generation of your Power-Up or added to an existing Power-Up.

    It’s easy to add monetization to your Power-Ups by using Optro. The Power-Up Generator will automatically add the elements needed for monetization but it’s also easy to add them to an already existing Power-Ups.

    Once added, you can use The Optro Vendor platform allows you to publish your Power-Up to on the Optro Market. You will have full control over the creation and publication of your Power-Up listings on Optro and you can take advantage of the Power-Up editor to show off all your Power-Ups best attributes.

    Trello users will then be able to purchase paid subscriptions for the Power-Ups you have built, all using the Optro solution.


    npm i @optro/create-trello-powerup

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