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Opendax WEB SDK

Opendax WEB SDK

The Opendax WEB SDK supplies reusable UI components for common web interfaces used in creating exchange platform applications, including, UI components and widgets. All components come with a simple, modern design, and can be used as-is or restyled with a custom theme. In addition to UI components, the library leverages React state management tools such as Providers, Hooks, and Utils to connect to the Opendax WEB SDK for JavaScript and pass data to the UI layer, simplifying state synchronization so that developers can concentrate on building.

Getting Started

  1. Add @openware/opendax-web-sdk and the necessary peer dependencies to your project:
// with npm
npm install --save @openware/opendax-web-sdk
  1. Render a CoreProvider in the root of your application.
import { CoreProvider } from '@openware/opendax-web-sdk'

const Root => () => {
  return (
      <MyApp />
  1. Add styles to the application.

Almost all styles in the application are base on TailwindCSS.
import '@openware/opendax-web-sdk/index.css'
  1. Start mockserver

install dependencies:

npm i npm-run-all colors header-case-normalizer js-combinatorics --save-dev

run mockserver:

npm explore @openware/opendax-web-sdk -- npm run mockserver
  1. Use the widgets to build out your application;

After adding all the necessary providers to the application root, you can use widgets to render balances, connect button, orderbook, and more.

import { OrderBookWidget } from '@openware/opendax-web-sdk'

const Page = () => {
  return <OrderBookWidget />




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