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    This npm package contains the types signatures based on ES modules for all the OpenUI5 libraries.

    NOTE: the same signatures are also available via DefinitelyTyped as @types/openui5. Be aware of the remarks in the readme file, in particular about the versioning difference.

    These signatures can be used to:

    1. Enable advanced content assist in IDEs, e.g: (VSCode / IntelliJ / Webstorm) for OpenUI5.
    2. Integrate type checking for OpenUI5 applications using the TypeScript compiler.

    These two capabilities are available both for OpenUI5 apps written in TypeScript and in JavaScript.

    NOTE: "based on ES modules" means that the application code needs to load UI5 modules using the ES6 modules syntax and needs to be transformed to standard UI5 require/define syntax before it is executed. Nevertheless, this is the recommended approach!
    See the "Usage" section below for links to detailed documentation about this setup.


    To see the suggested project setup for TypeScript development, please check out the TypeScript Hello World app. It not only can serve as copy template, but also includes a detailed step-by-step guide for creating this setup from scratch.

    The TypeScript branch of the "UI5 CAP Event App" sample demonstrates a more complex application using the same setup. It comes with an explanation of what UI5 TypeScript code usually looks like and what to consider when writing such code.

    For quick and easy scaffolding of a new UI5 app written in TypeScript, you can also use the easy-ui5 tool with the generator-ui5-ts-app generator.


    This project is in an experimental Beta State. Significant changes are likely to occur, including potential breaking changes.


    OpenUI5 is licensed under Apache License 2.0.


    npm i @openui5/ts-types-esm


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