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OpenTelemetry Knex Instrumentation for Node.js

NPM Published Version Apache License

This module provides automatic instrumentation for the knex module, which may be loaded using the @opentelemetry/sdk-trace-node package and is included in the @opentelemetry/auto-instrumentations-node bundle. This module allows the user to automatically collect trace data and export them to their backend of choice.

If total installation size is not constrained, it is recommended to use the @opentelemetry/auto-instrumentations-node bundle with @opentelemetry/sdk-node for the most seamless instrumentation experience.

Compatible with OpenTelemetry JS API and SDK 1.0+.


npm install --save @opentelemetry/instrumentation-knex

Supported Versions

  • >=0.10.0


const { KnexInstrumentation } = require('@opentelemetry/instrumentation-knex');
const { ConsoleSpanExporter, SimpleSpanProcessor } = require('@opentelemetry/sdk-trace-base');
const { NodeTracerProvider } = require('@opentelemetry/sdk-trace-node');
const { registerInstrumentations } = require('@opentelemetry/instrumentation');

const provider = new NodeTracerProvider();

provider.addSpanProcessor(new SimpleSpanProcessor(new ConsoleSpanExporter()));

  instrumentations: [
    new KnexInstrumentation({
        maxQueryLength: 100,
  tracerProvider: provider,

Configuration Options

Options Type Example Description
maxQueryLength number 100 Truncate db.statement attribute to a maximum length. If the statement is truncated '..' is added to it's end. Default 1022. -1 leaves db.statement untouched.

Semantic Conventions

This package uses @opentelemetry/semantic-conventions version 1.22+, which implements Semantic Convention Version 1.7.0

Attributes collected:

Attribute Short Description
db.name This attribute is used to report the name of the database being accessed.
db.operation The name of the operation being executed.
db.sql.table The name of the primary table that the operation is acting upon.
db.statement The database statement being executed.
db.system An identifier for the database management system (DBMS) product being used.
db.user Username for accessing the database.
net.peer.name Remote hostname or similar.
net.peer.port Remote port number.
net.transport Transport protocol used.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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