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OpenTelemetry Amqplib (RabbitMQ) Instrumentation for Node.js

NPM Published Version Apache License

This module provides automatic instrumentation for the amqplib (RabbitMQ) module, which may be loaded using the @opentelemetry/sdk-trace-node package and is included in the @opentelemetry/auto-instrumentations-node bundle.

If total installation size is not constrained, it is recommended to use the @opentelemetry/auto-instrumentations-node bundle with @opentelemetry/sdk-node for the most seamless instrumentation experience.

Compatible with OpenTelemetry JS API and SDK 1.0+.


npm install --save @opentelemetry/instrumentation-amqplib

Supported Versions

  • >=0.5.5


OpenTelemetry amqplib Instrumentation allows the user to automatically collect trace data and export them to the backend of choice, to give observability to distributed systems when working with amqplib (RabbitMQ).

To load a specific plugin, specify it in the registerInstrumentations's configuration:

const { NodeTracerProvider } = require('@opentelemetry/sdk-trace-node');
const { AmqplibInstrumentation } = require('@opentelemetry/instrumentation-amqplib');
const { registerInstrumentations } = require('@opentelemetry/instrumentation');

const provider = new NodeTracerProvider();

  instrumentations: [
    new AmqplibInstrumentation({
      // publishHook: (span: Span, publishInfo: PublishInfo) => { },
      // publishConfirmHook: (span: Span, publishConfirmedInto: PublishConfirmedInfo) => { },
      // consumeHook: (span: Span, consumeInfo: ConsumeInfo) => { },
      // consumeEndHook: (span: Span, consumeEndInfo: ConsumeEndInfo) => { },

amqplib Instrumentation Options

amqplib instrumentation has few options available to choose from. You can set the following:

Options Type Description
publishHook AmqplibPublishCustomAttributeFunction hook for adding custom attributes before publish message is sent.
publishConfirmHook AmqplibPublishConfirmCustomAttributeFunction hook for adding custom attributes after publish message is confirmed by the broker.
consumeHook AmqplibConsumeCustomAttributeFunction hook for adding custom attributes before consumer message is processed.
consumeEndHook AmqplibConsumeEndCustomAttributeFunction hook for adding custom attributes after consumer message is acked to server.
consumeTimeoutMs number read Consume Timeout below

Consume Timeout

When user is setting up consume callback, it is user's responsibility to call ack/nack etc on the msg to resolve it in the server. If user is not calling the ack, the message will stay in the queue until channel is closed, or until server timeout expires (if configured).

While we wait for the ack, a reference to the message is stored in plugin, which will never be garbage collected. To prevent memory leak, plugin has it's own configuration of timeout, which will close the span if user did not call ack after this timeout.

If timeout is not big enough, span might be closed with 'InstrumentationTimeout', and then received valid ack from the user later which will not be instrumented.

Default is 1 minute

Migration From opentelemetry-instrumentation-amqplib

This instrumentation was originally published under the name "opentelemetry-instrumentation-amqplib" in this repo. Few breaking changes were made during porting to the contrib repo to align with conventions:

Hook Info

The instrumentation's config publishHook, publishConfirmHook, consumeHook and consumeEndHook functions signature changed, so the second function parameter is info object, containing the relevant hook data.

moduleVersionAttributeName config option

The moduleVersionAttributeName config option is removed. To add the amqplib package version to spans, use the moduleVersion attribute in hook info for publishHook and consumeHook functions.

Semantic Conventions

This package uses @opentelemetry/semantic-conventions version 1.22+, which implements Semantic Convention Version 1.7.0

Attributes collected:

Attribute Short Description
messaging.destination The message destination name.
messaging.destination_kind The kind of message destination.
messaging.rabbitmq.routing_key RabbitMQ message routing key.
messaging.operation A string identifying the kind of message consumption.
messaging.message_id A value used by the messaging system as an identifier for the message.
messaging.conversation_id The ID identifying the conversation to which the message belongs.
messaging.protocol The name of the transport protocol.
messaging.protocol_version The version of the transport protocol.
messaging.system A string identifying the messaging system.
messaging.url The connection string.
net.peer.name Remote hostname or similar.
net.peer.port Remote port number.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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