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    API wrapper for Trafikverket Öppet API writen in TypeScript using built in Node.JS modules where possible to minimise dependencies. This package also aims to implement all available schema versions with correct typings so that future changes to the API wont break existing code.

    Table of Contents

    Available Implementations

    Currently this package only implements the following Trafikverket Öppet API endpoints:

    • Railroad Infomation
      • ReasonCode Provides reason codes with descriptions as to what they mean
      • TrainAnnouncement Provides timetable information corresponding to specific trains
      • TrainMessage Traffic announcements including rail works and rail faults
      • TrainStation Information about stations

    If you require any of the other implementations, raise an issue to have it implemented or raise an issue and PR with the implementation. To see a full list of what is available to be implemnted see the Trafikverket Öppet API - API Model page.


    To install this package using npm run:

    npm install @openrailse/trafikverket

    or if yarn is more your thing:

    yarn add @openrailse/trafikverket


    There are a couple of different options when using this package including single shot and streaming.

    Single Shot

    This will send a one off query to Trafikverket Open API and return the queries results ending the whole transaction. This is usefull if you need one off data.


    This will first send an initial request to Trafikverket Open API like single shot but will then subscribe to Server Side Events and continously emit new updated data.


    The example folder within the repository contains code examples as well as GitLab Snippets:


    npm i @openrailse/trafikverket

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