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    This project is a partial implementation of the Trello REST API. Endpoints will be added as they are needed for projects.

    Table of contents

    Current functionality

    npm install @openlab/trello-client
    import { TrelloClient, labelColors } from '@openlab/trello-client'
    // Load in environment variables
    const { TRELLO_APP_KEY, TRELLO_TOKEN, BOARD_ID } = process.env
    // Create a client instance
    const trello = new TrelloClient(TRELLO_APP_KEY, TRELLO_TOKEN)
    // Fetch the organizations for the current user
    const orgs = await trello.fetchOrganizations()
    // Fetch boards for the current user
    const boards = await trello.fetchBoards()
    // Fetch the labels from a board
    const labels = await trello.fetchLabels(BOARD_ID)
    // Fetch the lists on a board
    const lists = await trello.fetchLists(BOARD_ID)
    // Create a new label
    const newLabel = await trello.createLabel(BOARD_ID, {
      name: 'To-do',
      color: 'sky'
    // Create a new card
    // See types.ts – CardRequest for more parameters
    const newCard = await trello.createCard({
      name: 'Document project',
      desc: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.',
      idList: 'some-list-mongo-id'

    There are also types and interfaces exported from types.ts

    Future work

    • Add more endpoints
    • Add more complex types to capture ?fields query parameters which have varadic responses



    To develop on this repo you will need to have node.js installed on your dev machine and have an understanding of it. This guide assumes you have the repo checked out and are on macOS, but equivalent commands are available.

    You'll only need to follow this setup once for your dev machine.

    # Install npm dependencies
    npm install

    Regular use

    These are the commands you'll regularly run to develop the API, in no particular order.

    # Run tests and re-run on changes
    # -> Exit with control+C
    npm run test -- --watch

    Irregular use

    These are commands you might need to run but probably won't, also in no particular order.

    # Test-run the preversion hook
    # -> Runs automated tests
    # -> Compiles typescript to javascript
    npm run preversion
    # Compiles typescript to javascript
    npm run build
    # Generate the table of contents in this readme
    npm run generate-toc


    This repo uses unit tests to ensure that everything is working correctly, guide development, avoid bad code and reduce defects. The Jest package is used to run unit tests. Tests are any file in src/ that end with .spec.ts, by convention they are inline with the source code, in a parallel folder called __tests__.

    # Run the tests
    npm test -s
    # Generate code coverage
    npm run coverage -s


    All commits to this repo must follow Conventional Commits. This ensures changes are structured and means the CHANGELOG.md can be automatically generated.

    This standard is enforced through a commit-msg hook using yorkie.

    Code formatting

    This repo uses Prettier to automatically format code to a consistent standard. It works using the yorkie and lint-staged packages to automatically format code whenever it is commited. This means that code that is pushed to the repo is always formatted to a consistent standard.

    You can manually run the formatter with npm run prettier if you want.

    Prettier is slightly configured in package.json and will ignore files defined in .prettierignore.


    This repo is responsible for the @openlab/trello-client NPM package.

    # Create a new version of the project
    # -> Picks a new version based on the commits since the last version
    # -> Following https://www.conventionalcommits.org/en/v1.0.0/
    # -> Generates the CHANGELOG.md based on those commits
    npm run release
    # Push the version commit and tag to git
    git push --follow-tags
    # Publish the npm package
    npm publish

    The code on https://github.com/unplatform/trello-client is a mirror of https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/gitlab/catalyst/trello-client




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