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    Easy to use voting advice application – create your own election compass. Free and open source.


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    Project state

    Version 1.0.0 is still under development and coverage of automated tests is not complete. It can already be used in production. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. Join us on GitHub Discussions for technical support, questions, feature requests and chatting.


    Organisation Guide: How to run your own election compass

    Learn how to run your own election compass, how to come up with and validate theses, how to approach parties and how to attract the attention of the public from our Organisation Guide.

    Technical Guide

    Learn how the configuration files of the OpenElectionCompass are structured in our Technical Guide or take a look at the easy to use Configuration Editor to generate configurations without needing any coding skills.

    Deployment on your own server

    Currently, it is only possible to deploy OpenElectionCompass on your own systems. However, the process is relatively simple to be accessible for people with limited coding skills, thanks to our HTML Generator.

    Learn more about deploying the OpenElectionCompass on your site


    Install the project and it's dependencies using the package manager of your choice:

    git clone
    cd client
    npm ci

    Compile for development with HMR

    npm run dev

    Compiles and minify for production

    npm run build:demo # Build demo
    npm run build:lib # Build the actual library / client
    npm run build:nuxt # Build the Nuxt.js module
    npm run build # runs all builds sequentially

    Run tests

    npm run test:unit
    npm run test:e2e
    npm run test # run all both test suites sequentially

    Run linting

    npm run lint # run ESLint
    npm run lint:style # run Stylelint




    npm i @open-election-compass/client

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