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    SwanJS is an expression language that runs in any JavaScript environment.

    swan = require('swan-js');              // load the library
    evaluate = swan.parse( "3 * x" );       // compile an expression
    context = swan.createContext({x:10});   // create an expression context
    value = await evaluate(context);        // evaluate expression in context: 30

    You can install SwanJS via npm:

    npm install @onlabsorg/swan-js


    A Swan expression is simply a sequence of binary operations (operand operator operand operator operand ...), eventually grouped with parenthesis (...), square braces [...] or curly braces {...}.

    The available binary operations are:

    • Arithmetic operations: x + y, x - y, x * y, x / y, x % y, x ** y
    • Comparison operations: x == y, x != y, x > y, x >= y, x < y, x <= y
    • Logic operations: x & y, x | y
    • Conditional and alternative operations: x ? y, x ; y, or combined x ? y ; z
    • Pairing operation: x , y
    • Application (function call): x y
    • Function definition: x -> y
    • Composition operations: g << f, f >> g
    • Mapping operation: x => f
    • Assignment operations: name = x, name: x
    • Sub-contexting operation: x.y

    The types of grouping available are:

    • Parenthesis to alter evaluation precedence: (expr)
    • Square braces to create lists: [x1, x2, x3, ...]
    • Curly braces to create namespaces: {n1:v1, n2=v2, n3:v3, ...}

    The data types defined in swan are:

    • Nothing, or empty tuple: ()
    • Bool: TRUE, FALSE
    • Numb: 123.4
    • Text: "abc", 'abc', `abc`
    • List: [a, b, c, ...]
    • Namespace: {n1:v1, n2=v2, n3=v3, ...}
    • Func: names -> expression
    • Undefined: undefined(operationName, operands)
    • Tuple: x1, x2, x3, ...

    The swan built-in functions are:

    • bool x, converts a value to boolean
    • dom m, returns the domain of a Text, List or Namespace item as a tuple
    • not x, returns FALSE if bool x is true, otherwise TRUE
    • range n, returns the tuple of integers between 0 and the given parameter (excluded)
    • require id, loads a standard library module
    • size m, returns the number of mappings in a Text, List of Namespace item
    • str x, converts its argument to a string
    • type x, returns the type name of its argument
    • parent x, returns the parent namespace of x
    • own x, returns a parent-less copy of the namespace x
    • undefined x, generates an Undefined item

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