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    This is a command line interface for managing olojs document packages. It allows creating a new package, mounting external (local or remote) stores and serving the documents over HTTP.

    Getting started

    Install olojs-cli globally.

    npm install @onlabsorg/olojs-cli -g

    Initialize a new library:

    cd /path/to/my-library
    olojs init

    Render a document contained in my-library:

    olojs render /path/to/doc

    You can optionally inject parameters in the document context by adding them to the command-line

    olojs render /path/to/doc p1=val1 p2=val2 p3=val3 ...

    The passed parameters will be added to the document context under the argns namespace (argns={p1:val1, p2:val2, p3:val3, ...}).

    Serve the library over http:

    olojs run server

    Once the HTTP server is running, you can render the library documents in the browser by visiting the URL localhost:8010/#/path/to/doc and optionally pass parameters via a hash query string (e.g. localhost:8010/#/path/to/doc?p1=val1;p2=val2).

    For a full description of the commands available, read the cli documentation.


    Plugins are npm packages that can mount one or more custom stores and/or make custom commands available to the olojs run <command> command.

    In order to install a plugin, you use the install olojs command, followed by the name of the npm package that contains the plugin.

    olojs install plugin-name

    In order to uninstall a plugin, you use the uninstall olojs command, followed by the name of the npm package that contains the plugin.

    If you are a developer and you want to create your own plugin or customize the way a package behaves, check the package documentation.



    Related projects

    • olojs is a content management system based on a distributed network of documents having the following properties.
    • olowiki is a plugin that allows to render and edit an olojs document package in the browser.


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