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    Awesome JavaScript in one line of code written above a picture of Mt. Fuji's peak

    Awesome javascript in one line of code

    A collection of utilities and helpers following the principle: Keep it as simple as possible in one line of code.

    As long as we area dealing with JavaScript, the library assumes that the user provides valid input. No type checking or other verifications of the arguments are part of the functions. The library tires to use the simplest and most performant code possible. To keep the functions as simple as possible they will be reduced to the core functionality: "one function should have one specific functionality only".

    New functions will be added every time there is an article being published.

    All functions are written in ESNext esmodules (./src) and available as -umd (./dist/index.js) with the onelinecode namespace (e.g. window.onlinecode) -commonjs (./dist/index.cjs.js) -esm (./dist/index.esm.js)

    Available functions


    See ./doc/


    $ npm i @onelinecode/onelinecode
    $ yarn add @onelinecode/onelinecode


    For example, you want to shallowClone an array:

    import { shallowClone } from '@onelinecode/onelinecode/array';
    let array = [1];
    let arrayClone = shallowClone(array);


    The library has 100% code coverage with ava and passes the build on Build status from travis-ci.


    If you are interested in discussion a specific function, please see the corresponding article from the series on

    Please don't hesitate to comment, give feedback. I appreciate every input or comment. We can and should learn from each others opinion and knowledge. Please stick to a respectful style of discussion and read the code of conduct like the articles or star the repository.

    Tech Stack

    • ava: 3.15.0
    • c8: 7.10.0
    • esm: 3.2.25
    • rollup: 2.58.


    Licensed under the MIT license. MIT -


    npm i @onelinecode/onelinecode

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