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This project provides a chip input field for Material-UI. It is inspired by Angular Material's chip input.


If you want to try the component yourself instead of watching a gif, head over to the storybook for a live demo!


npm i --save material-ui-chip-input@next

Note: This is the version for Material-UI 1.0.0 or later. If you are still using Material-UI 0.x, you can use our legacy version.


The component supports either controlled or uncontrolled input mode. If you use the controlled mode (by setting the value attribute), the onChange callback won't be called.

import ChipInput from 'material-ui-chip-input'

// uncontrolled input
  defaultValue={['foo', 'bar']}
  onChange={(chips) => handleChange(chips)}

// controlled input
  onAdd={(chip) => handleAddChip(chip)}
  onDelete={(chip, index) => handleDeleteChip(chip, index)}


Name Type Default Description
allowDuplicates bool false Allows duplicate chips if set to true.
blurBehavior enum 'clear' Behavior when the chip input is blurred: 'clear' clears the input, 'add' creates a chip and 'ignore' keeps the input.
chipRenderer func A function of the type ({ value, text, chip, isFocused, isDisabled, handleClick, handleDelete, className }, key) => node that returns a chip based on the given properties. This can be used to customize chip styles. Each item in the dataSource array will be passed to chipRenderer as arguments chip, value and text. If dataSource is an array of objects and dataSourceConfig is present, then value and text will instead correspond to the object values defined in dataSourceConfig. If dataSourceConfig is not set and dataSource is an array of objects, then a custom chipRenderer must be set. chip is always the raw value from dataSource, either an object or a string.
clearInputValueOnChange bool false Whether the input value should be cleared if the value prop is changed.
dataSource array Data source for auto complete. This should be an array of strings or objects.
dataSourceConfig shape Config for objects list dataSource, e.g. { text: 'text', value: 'value' }. If not specified, the dataSource must be a flat array of strings or a custom chipRenderer must be set to handle the objects.
defaultValue array The chips to display by default (for uncontrolled mode).
disabled bool Disables the chip input if set to true.
FormHelperTextProps object Props to pass through to the FormHelperText component.
fullWidth bool If true, the chip input will fill the available width.
fullWidthInput bool If true, the input field will always be below the chips and fill the available space. By default, it will try to be beside the chips.
helperText node Helper text that is displayed below the input.
InputLabelProps object Props to pass through to the InputLabel.
InputProps object Props to pass through to the Input.
inputRef func Use this property to pass a ref callback to the native input component.
label node
newChipKeyCodes arrayOf [13] The key codes used to determine when to create a new chip.
onAdd func Callback function that is called when a new chip was added (in controlled mode).
onBeforeAdd func Callback function that is called with the chip to be added and should return true to add the chip or false to prevent the chip from being added without clearing the text input.
onChange func Callback function that is called when the chips change (in uncontrolled mode).
onDelete func Callback function that is called when a new chip was removed (in controlled mode).
onUpdateInput func Callback function that is called when the input changes.
placeholder string A placeholder that is displayed if the input has no values.
value array The chips to display (enables controlled mode if set).
variant enum 'standard' Sets the variant for the input. Values 'standard', 'outlined', 'filled'

Any other properties supplied will be spread to the root element. The properties of <FormControl /> are also available.


You can customize the class names used by ChipInput with the classes property. It accepts the following keys:

  • root
  • inputRoot
  • input
  • chipContainer
  • label
  • helperText
  • chip

Have a look at this guide for more detail.


The code for the input component was adapted from Material UI's Text Field that we all know and love.


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.

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