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    Redux Reducer Registry

    The reducer registry enables Redux reducers to be added to the store’s reducer after the store has been created. This allows Redux modules to be loaded on-demand, without requiring all Redux modules to be bundled in the main chunk for the store to correctly initialize.

    This package was inspired by this blog post: Redux modules and code splitting.


    yarn add @onaio/redux-reducer-registry

    How it works

    By maintaining a registry of reducers, we are able to load any reducer dynamically as and when we need it.

    The Store

    A sample registry-aware redux store with no initial state is included in this package.

    import store from '@onaio/redux-reducer-registry';

    Alternatively, you can create your own store by doing something like:

    import { getStore, combine } from '@onaio/redux-reducer-registry';
    import reducerRegistry from '@onaio/redux-reducer-registry';
    const initialState = {
      things: ['users', 'messages'],
      x: 1
    const newStore = getStore(reducerRegistry.getReducers(), initialState);
    // don't forget to do this so that you add a reducer to store when it is registered
    reducerRegistry.setChangeListener(reducers => {

    Registering Reducers

    This is simply:

    import reducerRegistry from 'redux-reducer-registry';
    import reducer from 'some-module/reducers/users';
    reducerRegistry.register('users', reducer);

    After this the users reducer should now be fully loaded and ready to go.

    Redux modules

    We highly recommend and encourage that you use redux modules.



    npm i @onaio/redux-reducer-registry

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