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    React styled for Ola Search

    Inspiration -

    1. Made it compatible with react-frame-component
    2. Check for document context and appends style tag
    3. If no document is provided, parent document is selected

    fast af css-in-js in 0.7kb

    import styled from '@olasearch/styled'
    const className = styled('div')((props) => ({
      color: props.color

    cxs is a minimal css-in-js solution that uses an atomic css approach to maximize performance and deduplication


    • 0.7 KB
    • Zero dependencies
    • High performance
    • Style encapsulation
    • Deduplicates repeated styles
    • Dead-code elimination
    • Framework independent
    • Media queries
    • Pseudoclasses
    • Nesting
    • No CSS files
    • No tagged template literals
    • Optional React component API


    npm install @olasearch/styled


    cxs works with any framework, but this example uses React for demonstration purposes.

    import React from 'react'
    import cxs from 'cxs'
    const Box = (props) => {
      return (
        <div {...props} className={className} />
    const className = cxs({
      padding: '32px',
      backgroundColor: 'tomato'
    export default Box


    const className = cxs({
      color: 'tomato',
      ':hover': {
        color: 'black'

    Media Queries

    const className = cxs({
      fontSize: '32px',
      '@media screen and (min-width: 40em)': {
        fontSize: '48px'

    Child Selectors

    const className = cxs({
      color: 'black',
      ' > a': {
        color: 'tomato'

    Static/Server-Side Rendering

    For Node.js environments, use the css() method to return the static CSS string after rendering a view.

    import React from 'react'
    import ReactDOMServer from 'react-dom/server'
    import cxs from 'cxs'
    import App from './App'
    const html = ReactDOMServer.renderToString(<App />)
    const css = cxs.css()
    const doc = `<!DOCTYPE html>
    // Reset the cache for the next render

    Note: cxs does not currently have a mechanism for rehydrating styles on the client, so use with caution in universal JavaScript applications.

    React Components

    cxs also has an alternative higher order component API for creating styled React components, similar to the styled-components API.

    import cxs from 'cxs/component'
    const Heading = cxs('h1')({
      margin: 0,
      fontSize: '32px',
      lineHeight: 1.25

    Extending components

    To extend a cxs component, pass it to the component creator function.

    const Button = cxs('button')({
      color: 'white',
      backgroundColor: 'blue'
    const TomatoButton = cxs(Button)({
      backgroundColor: 'tomato'

    Other components

    Any component can be passed to cxs to add styles.

    import { Link } from 'react-router'
    const MyLink = cxs(Link)({
      color: 'tomato'

    Note: components must accept className as a prop to work with cxs.

    Functional styles

    cxs components can also handle dynamic styling based on props by passing a function as an argument

    const Heading = cxs('h1')(props => ({
      color: props.color

    Removing style props

    To remove style props from the rendered HTML element, use the prop-types package to define propTypes on a component. cxs/component will remove any prop that matches a key from the propTypes object.

    import cxs from 'cxs/component'
    import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
    const Heading = cxs('h2')(props => ({
      fontSize: props.big ? '48px' : '32px'
    Heading.propTypes = {
      big: PropTypes.bool


    Style utility functions, like those in styled-system, can be used with cxs/component.

    import cxs from 'cxs/component'
    import {
    } from 'styled-system'
    const Heading = cxs('h2')(space, color)


    Theming is supported with the <ThemeProvider> component.

    import React from 'react'
    import ThemeProvider from 'cxs/ThemeProvider'
    import theme from './theme'
    const App = props => (
      <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
    import cxs from 'cxs/component'
    const Heading = cxs('h2')(props => ({
      fontSize: props.theme.fontSizes[4] + 'px',



    Accepts styles objects or functions that return style objects and returns a className string.


    Returns the rendered CSS string for static and server-side rendering.


    Resets the cache for server-side rendering


    A styled-components-like API for creating React components with cxs.

    Vendor prefixes

    cxs does not handle vendor prefixing to keep the module size at a minimum.

    Previous Versions

    For previous versions of cxs, see the v3 branch or v4 branch

    MIT License



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