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Okapi SDK

Okapi let's you build easily web3 loyalty programs and many more! For more information, visit getokapi.xyz


  • Get the a wallet data by user
  • Evaluate an objective with user and id
  • Evaluate a reward with user and id
  • Get a token gate status with user and id
  • ... and much more.

Check the official Okapi docs for more details.

Quick start

If you're new to Okapi, check the quickstart guide in the official docs on how to get started with Okapi.

If you're already familiar with Okapi and have your signed up, create tokens, objectives, rewards and token gates, follow along to connect your SDK:

Install Okapi

The easiest way to integrate the Okapi SDK into your JavaScript project is through the npm module.

Install the package via npm:

npm install @okapihq/sdk

or yarn:

yarn add @okapihq/sdk

Import Okapi:

import { okApiClient } from '@okapihq/sdk';

Initialize Okapi

After your dependency is added, you simply need to initialize okapi via the start method:

⚠️ Warning: Make sure to keep your api key private


After that you can use any Okapi functionalities as described in our extensive docs.

Star us ⭐️

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Need help?

If you need help with setting up Okapi or have any other questions - don't hesitate to write us on Discord and we will check asap.




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