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Yarl: A Decorated React/Redux workflow

Yet Another React Library leverages Javascript decorators to create a delightful workflow when building native and web apps.


  • Easily package your Redux actions, React Components, Helper Functions, and static data using decorators for inversion of control. No more nasty entrypoints
  • Clear and concise folder structure
  • Built in, platform agnostic navigation logic
  • Self hosted documentation and testing engine
  • Atom tooling integration with atom-yarl

Bare Usage

As this project and its recommended usage require a number of features that are stage-2 in Babel (Decorators, Spread, async if you enjoy that sort of thing) transpiling is left to your usage project. To avoid that hassle you can check out its sister projects yarl-[view-library]-base

  1. Init
mkdir your-yarl
cd your-yarl
npm init
mkdir src
touch src/index.js
  1. Install
yarn add @offbyonestudios/yarl
  1. Webpack Configuration While we leave Webpack to the developer, you can get away with using this project's .babelrc webpack.config.js, and the dependencies listed in package.json

  2. Bare Module

  3. Entrypoint src/index.js

// Load any external stuff you need.
// import 'grommet/scss/vanilla/index';
// Import This First Before importing your modules or other Yarl content.
import Yarl from 'yarl';
// Then Load Modules.
import modules from './modules';
// Gather your default state
const defaultState = Yarl.extractDefaultState(modules);
// Then Invoke Yarl's Entrypoint
window.Context = Yarl.entrypoint(defaultState);
// These shorthand methods help with dispatching actions from the command line
window.$d = (actionType) => {
  return window.Context.Store.dispatch(actionType);
window.$a = (actionName) => {
  return window.Context.Actions[actionName];
window.stahp = (e) => {
  return false;
// Finally, Invoke Render


  • That was almost fun -Mason Bially (CEO OB1)
  • When will death come? -Clark Rinker (Creator)