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Simple input and textarea Vue.js component.




npm install @odyzeo/form-item

Import and register component:

import FormItemPlugin, { FormErrors, FormItem, TextareaAutoresize }  from '@odyzeo/form-item';

Vue.use(FormItemPlugin, options);
// Vue.component('FormItem', FormItem); // Installed w/ FormItemPlugin
Vue.component('FormErrors', FormErrors);
Vue.directive('textarea-autoresize', TextareaAutoresize);

Import styles or make your own:

import '@odyzeo/form-item/dist/form-item.css';


        :bind-to-input="{ 'data-hj-whitelist': true }"
        <template slot="prepend">
          <div class="form-item__readonly">Your</div>
        <template slot="append">
          <div class="form-item__readonly">Please</div>

          v-textarea-autoresize:window="{ max: 200 }"

import FormItem from '@odyzeo/form-item'

export default {
    name: 'App',
    components: {
    data() {
        return {
            simple: {
                label: 'Simple',
                value: '',
            full: {
                type: 'email',
                name: 'email',
                required: true,
                readonly: false,
                placeholder: 'example@odyzeo.com',
                accept: '', // Just for input type 'file'
                validators: [
                        validator: 'email',
                        validator: 'required',
                        message: 'Povinné',
                rows: 0, // Just for input type 'textarea'
                autocomplete: 'username email',
                label: 'E-mail',
                value: '',
            requiredMessage: 'Povinné',
            formErrors: {
                email: ['E-mail is required'],
            textarea: {
                name: 'textarea',
                type: 'textarea',
                label: 'Textarea',
                placeholder: 'Textarea placeholder',
                rows: 3,
                value: 'Some text just for textarea',
    methods: {
        toUpperCase(key) {
            return key.toUpperCase();

Plugin options

Property name Type Default value Description
className String 'form-item' Set component block className (set B in BEM)
componentName String 'form-item' Set component name
trans function (key) => key Enable translating or modifying labels and placeholders.

Example using vui-i18n

import Vue from 'vue';
import VueI18n from 'vue-i18n';
import App from './App';
import FormItem from './plugin/FormItem';


new Vue({
    render: h => h(App),
    created() {
        Vue.use(FormItem, {
            trans: this.$t,


input {Object} - required

Property name Type Default value Description
type string text Supports 'textarea' and all html5 input types supports
name string `` Textarea or input name attribute
label string '' Label name for input
required boolean false If value is required
disabled boolean false Set input to disabled state, validator would skip this field
readonly boolean false If field is read only
placeholder string `` Native placeholder attribute for input/textarea
accept string Which file types should be accepted if type is file
validators array null Array holding objects with validator {string} - name of validator and message {string} - error message text properties
validatorEvent string none Pick validator events which will be used for frontend validation. Choose from:
  • onBlurThenOnInput: validate field on blur first, then on input periodically
  • onBlur
  • onInput
rows number, string `` Number of rows textarea should have
autocomplete string off HTML5 autocomplete attribute, check docs for more info and possible values
pattern string `` Pattern attribute specifies a regular expression that the element's value is checked against on form submission
id string `` Id for input or textarea and for respective label

className {string = ''} - optional

Set component block className (set B in BEM), has priority over className option in plugin.

groupName {string = ''} - optional

Set if you need to target one or more form item components with global methods

value {string} - optional

This is the initial value of the form input/textarea. Use v-model for reactivity.

trans {Function} - optional

Custom function to translate or modify input placeholder and label.

formErrors {array} - optional

Array of errors to display. Will take priority before FE validator errors until value is changed.

Available validators

  • email
  • zip
  • tel : phone number
  • max : length of string - Use $0 in validator message to replace number.
  • min : length of string - Use $0 in validator message to replace number.
  • confirmed : confirmed passwords
  • regex : your custom regex
  • required : for custom required message

Custom validator

It is possible to use your own validator instead of predefined one.

The custom validator has to be a valid return function with value parameter. You can also make use of a custom message property as per predefined validators.

validators: {
    validator: value => value.indexOf(`joseph`) !== -1,
    message: 'My custom error message',

Custom validator with parameters

If your validator needs to provide parameters, you can simply create a higher order function that returns the actual validator, like in between builtin validator.

const myFunc = param => value => value.indexOf(`${param} joseph`) !== -1;

// ...

validators: {
    validator: myFunc('some text'),
    message: 'My custom error message',

bindToInput {Object} - optional

Used for generating custom attributes to input/textarea element.

inputClass {string} - optional

Used for adding custom class to input/textarea element.

Global methods

Methods called on $formItem object installed on main Vue instance


  • Arguments:

    • {string} name Group name of one or multiple form items
  • Usage:

    Trigger validation of all form items corresponding to group name argument


  • Arguments:

    • {string} name Group name of one or multiple form items
  • Usage:

    Clear inputs and errors on all form items corresponding to group name argument


  • Arguments:

    • {string} name Group name of one or multiple form items
  • Returns:

    • Array of errors
  • Usage:

    Get all current FE errors of all form items corresponding to group name argument


  • Arguments:

    • {string} name Group name of one or multiple form items
  • Returns:

    • Boolean indicating whether group of items got errors


Component emits these events:

  • @blur
  • @eager - Emits event on 'input' event (get value from event.currentTarget.value)
  • @focus
  • @input - Emits the value of the element (not working w/ suggestions)
  • @keydown
  • @keyup


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